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Give Your Patients Access

RevolutionPHR, our secure online personal health record for your patients, provides direct interconnectivity between you and your patients.

Increase Your Patient Engagement. RevolutionPHR, our secure patient portal, provides direct interconnectivity between you and your patients.  Patients can review their current data and make necessary changes.  This allows you to engage your patient in the management of their own eye care by providing them access to account balances, optical orders status and pertinent exam information such as diagnosis codes, medication and allergies.

Save Time for Your Patients.  With the RevolutionPHR patient interview, you give your patients the convenience of entering medical history online from home or in your reception area.  Imagine having an iPad in your reception area for patients to enter their history – or, they can use their own mobile device.

Increase Your Productivity.  Patient interview data entered into RevolutionPHR is imported directly into an active encounter within RevolutionEHR for that patient.  You have all of their information at your fingertips.

More Time With Patients
Eliminate IT Headaches
Experienced U.S. Based Support
Access Data From Anywhere
Give Your Patients Access
Achieve Meaningful Use
"From the sales presentation to every other aspect I have been very pleased..."
- Bill Kegerize, OD, Genoa, OH
"I am glad we are partners!..."
- Lisa Greene, OD, Asheville, NC
"My staff had a GREAT trainer with a lot of patience..."
- Donald Yee, OD, Sacramento, CA
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