RevolutionEHR ™

Access Your Data From Anywhere

You simply need a computer and Internet access. Retrieve your patient data while at home, traveling, or from any of your offices.

You Choose Your Computers.  Since RevolutionEHR is completely web-based, you choose which computers you prefer. Windows, Mac, Linux, or even a combination – it’s up to you.

Don’t Have Your Computer? No Worries.  True cloud-based applications like RevolutionEHR simply need an internet connection and a browser. You don’t need to worry about specialized remote access or VPN software on your computer. You can login from any computer, anywhere.

Eliminate Faxing Records Between Offices.  You can access any patient record from any location.   If a patient shows up at your other office, you’ll have complete access to their records.

No Licensing Restrictions.  Free yourself from limiting your access to only “licensed” computers. Access your data from any machine in your office, home or on the road.

More Time With Patients
Eliminate IT Headaches
Experienced U.S. Based Support
Access Data From Anywhere
Give Your Patients Access
Achieve Meaningful Use
"accessible on any computer anywhere..."
- Roy Baker, OD, Redway, CA
"thrilled that we made the move..."
- Bill Hass, OD, Owosso, MI
"I really like the dynamic nature of the system..."
- Jake Vergin, OD, Thorp, WI
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