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Join Our Community and Achieve Meaningful Use

Achieving Meaningful Use may be a daunting task, but not with a community of doctors working together – helping, guiding and encouraging each other.

Let’s Do This Together.  That was the vision of Dr. Scott Jens, CEO of RevolutionEHR, for launching Quest to Attest, a program for RevolutionEHR doctors to band together to achieve and attest to Meaningful Use – and it works.  Here’s what one of our doctors posted on our Quest to Attest Facebook Group:


WHOOHOO! Just read ‘Locked for Payment’ and ‘The payment process has been initiated’ on my registration for MU. I AM ATTESTED! Thanks to all of you, everyone at RevolutionEHR and most of all Scott for being there again for me today when I hit the wall during attestation. I truly appreciate the great responses by everyone on Facebook and from the top down at RevolutionEHR! Thanks to all!!!”


100% of Our Doctors are on the Certified Version. Our doctors don’t have to subject themselves to the hassle and lost productivity that is inevitable with installing software, upgrading hardware or migrating data just to start working with a certified EHR. Our doctors simply just log in to RevolutionEHR to begin working with a certified complete EHR and are on their way toward becoming Meaningful EHR Users. It’s really that simple.


Quest to Attest. Join our community and find the help you need to achieve Meaningful Use. Our Quest to Attest Facebook community brings doctors together to share best practices and encouragement along the journey.  Even if you are not yet a RevolutionEHR customer, we invite you to click on the Find us on Facebook button to request being a part of our Quest to Attest community.

Or, to learn more about resources available to you for achieving Meaningful Use, take a look at our Meaningful Use Checklist.


More Time With Patients
Eliminate IT Headaches
Experienced U.S. Based Support
Access Data From Anywhere
Give Your Patients Access
Achieve Meaningful Use
"one of my better business decisions..."
- Heather Starling, OD, Gainesville, FL
"The process of attesting was very easy and very straight forward..."
- Ralph Hendrix, OD, Red Springs, NC
"the first web-based PMS using the cloud..."
- Dave Ziegler, OD, West Allis, WI
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