Are You a Good Doctor?

Mike Rothschild, OD

As an optometrist, I have always thought I do a good job. I listen to my patients’ concerns, use high tech equipment, work with a very talented team and make strong recommendations. I have always tried to honor our mission statement by carefully monitoring each patient’s visual development, function and preservation.

In general, my patients feel like they were well taken care of and keep coming back. If you go by the diner in Carrollton, GA and ask, “Hey does anybody know if Dr. Rothschild is any good?”, you will probably get a positive response.

So what?

In tomorrow’s world, we will be paid based on our merit (Merit Based Incentive Plans (MIPS)). I shouldn’t worry, because as I just explained, I practice with substantial “merit”. However, in the very near future, I will have to demonstrate that merit based on someone else’s scorecard. (I don’t think they will be polling the diner.)

Many people feel like the changes that are coming our way will have a positive impact for those who are ready.

Last fall, Dr. Brett Paepke held an educational webinar titled, “MIPS: The Final Rule and You”. If you don’t understand the title, then you have some catching up to do.

Dr. Paepke is the Director of ECP Services for RevolutionEHR and an authority on the new payment models and requirements that we are all facing. If you haven’t seen it yet, take some time to watch it now.

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