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You didn’t become an optometrist to spend your day fighting with computer systems and searching for paperwork. You made the choice to be a doctor so you could care for patients.

RevolutionEHR frees you and your staff up to do just that . . . focus on your patients. At the heart of RevolutionEHR is the electronic health record, the most fundamental element of your patient care.

The online practice management service of RevolutionEHR is the perfect choice for your office. Eliminate the hassles of IT and maintaining complex computer systems and spend more time doing what you do best: caring for your patients.

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  • Introduction to RevolutionEHR
  • EHR Overview
  • Patient Chart
  • Data Entry Shortcuts
  • Booking an Appointment
  • Billing
  • Optical / Inventory
  • Patient Portal
  • ….. and many more


"I am glad we are partners!..."
- Lisa Greene, OD, Asheville, NC
"Your support is awesome..."
- Bill Vietti, OD, Chanute, KS
"GREAT JOB on the updates..."
- Gina Wesley, OD, Crystal, MN
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