Virtual Eye Exam Patient Handout

Virtual eye exams are increasingly popular with consumers, but patients have questions. If you are currently offering online exams — or if you’re considering taking the plunge — let us help you educate the patients at your practice. 

Download our list of frequently asked questions to help your patients decide if a virtual eye exam is right for them. 

Your patients will learn about: 

  • What an virtual eye exam is and how it works
  • What an online exam can and can’t diagnose 
  • The accuracy of virtual exams
  • The importance of continuing to schedule regular comprehensive exams
  • How to prepare for a virtual exam

Patient outreach is an important part of running an optometry practice. RevolutionEHR is loaded with features designed to make patient care and communication fast and easy. We give you the freedom to focus on what you do best: caring for your patients.

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