Optometry EHR for Multi-location Practices: What To Look For


  • Multi-location optometry practices face unique practice management challenges such as complicated scheduling and patient data access issues that make it challenging to run a successful practice.
  • To find optometry practice management software that addresses the challenges multi-location practices face, it is helpful to consider features like multi-site access to data and scheduling.
  • RevolutionEHR is a cloud-based optometry EHR for multiple locations that offer all-location access to patient data, scheduling, and other practice management tools.

Multi-location optometry practices face a unique set of practice management challenges daily. Multi-location practices must use optometry practice management software that addresses these challenges by centralizing the workflow for all locations.

RevolutionEHR offers multi-location practices a cloud-based solution to optometry EHR that allows for multi-location access and a centralized workflow. This ensures smooth operations and excellent patient care.

Challenges for Multi-location Optometry Practices

As a multi-location optometry practice, you must navigate several operational challenges to run the practice successfully. With multiple locations, your practice management tasks are multiplied by the number of locations your practice operates.

This opens you up to potential issues with staffing, coding, billing, scheduling, and access to records.


Multi-location practices require hiring and training multiple people for the same role. Without a centralized EHR system, you have to employ employees to perform insurance and billing processes, scheduling duties, and other tasks at each location.

Bringing on a new employee can cost thousands of dollars in recruiting, training, salary, and benefits, which can take a toll on your growing optometry practice.

Coding & Billing

With multiple locations, coding and billing can become complex and overwhelming. One of your locations may take several patients with private insurance while another sees a high percentage of patients that use public insurance like Medicare.

Coding and billing procedures and compliance aspects of different locations can take a toll when performed in separate on-site EHR programs.


Scheduling becomes complicated if multiple providers work varying hours at different locations. Additionally, patients may switch their scheduled appointments between locations to see a specific provider or due to convenience.

If you don’t have a centralized EHR system, you must manually coordinate provider, staff, and patient schedules between the practice locations.

Records Access

Without a centralized EHR system, accessing patient records can become a hassle. If a patient’s records are kept at another location, your staff has to spend time finding and faxing them over. This requires a lot of back and forth and can result in a delay in services for the patient.

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Choosing Optometry EHR for Multi-location Practices

When choosing optometry EHR for multiple locations, look for EHR software that centralizes your practice management and optical management operations. The following features are essential in any optometry EHR system you use for your multi-location practice.

Data Accessibility From Any Location

Look for a system that allows you to access patient data from any location. The ideal EHR system is cloud-based, so it stores all information in a secure online space that can be accessed at any time, anywhere, with secure log-in credentials.

This is essential for your multi-location practice so that you can provide the best patient care possible no matter which location you are practicing in that day.

Report Generation for the Entire Practice

Choose an EHR software that can generate reports for the entire practice. For example, look for a system that allows electronic remittance reporting for all your practice locations.

This can cut printer, ink, and paper costs and simplify payment processing across your practice. You can also compare location performance with practice-wide reporting to better understand how to tailor your services for each location.

Multi-location Schedule Access

Multi-location schedule access is essential for a multi-location optometry practice. The ability to access and edit schedules for patients, staff, and providers across the entire practice eliminates schedule confusion and creates a better work environment and treatment environment for patients.

Find an EHR system that gives you access to a centralized online schedule that automatically syncs with location-specific data.

Unique Business IDs

Choose an EHR system that allows you to assign unique business IDs for each practice location. This helps you know how each location performs and what types of patients each location sees and to keep track of billing for your various locations.

Additionally, a unique business ID can help you maintain financial records and stay compliant when filing taxes.

Varying Permission Levels

With multiple locations, you have a wide range of staff who perform many different tasks. You’ll want to implement an EHR system that allows you to assign permissions based on each staff member’s role. This allows you to ensure that only trained and authorized staff access specific files.

Employee Data Access

When searching for a multi-practice EHR system, choose a product that allows you to grant employees access to data at different locations. If your staff performs work at a different location, you can give them access so they can perform the same tasks as their home location.

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RevolutionEHR: The Optometry EHR Solution for Multi-location Practices

RevolutionEHR is the ideal optometry EHR for multiple locations. RevolutionEHR is an all-in-one cloud-based optometry EHR application that allows you to operate using a centralized system.

With RevolutionEHR, you can securely access patient files from anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can assign access permission levels so that only authorized staff can access certain files and functions to prevent compliance mishaps. Depending on their roles, you can also assign different employees access at different locations.

RevolutionEHR helps you maximize your efficiency without increasing your operating costs. Rather than hiring multiple staff to handle coding, billing, and scheduling at each location, you can simply run these operations from one location with a small number of trained staff.

This helps you streamline your multi-practice workflow and spend more time with your patients. RevolutionEHR also includes highly customizable templates for your multi-location practice, giving you the ability to personalize forms for each clinic.

When you switch to RevolutionEHR, you also access excellent customer support from a team of representatives with eye-care backgrounds.

Switch to RevolutionEHR, the Best Optometry EHR For Multiple Locations

To centralize operations for your multi-location optometry practice, switch to RevolutionEHR. RevolutionEHR is a cloud-based optometry practice management solution that gives you centralized access to all EHR features, allowing you to reduce staffing costs, simply scheduling, and access patient data from any location.

Request a demo today to discover how RevolutionEHR can revolutionize how your multi-location optometry practice does business.