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Welcome Coherent Eye Care Member!

RevolutionEHR is a Coherent Eye Care Preferred Partner, and we are thrilled to provide our cloud-based EHR and practice management software to its members.

The simplicity of ONE cloud-based software platform for your practice is the most effective and efficient way to free you to focus on your patients.

Supportive, Responsive

Every RevolutionEHR customer support representative has an eye care practice background. They get it! You can be sure when you need some help you won’t be getting the dreaded “software support”.

Access from Anywhere

Our cloud-based architecture eliminates the need to “run in to the office” to access your patient data. Just login to RevolutionEHR from anywhere and you will have instant, secure access to patient data, reports, schedules and all information across your practice.

Eliminate IT Headaches

An internet connection is all your practice needs to run RevolutionEHR. We provide all the servers, databases and file storage you need – in the cloud! Your EHR and practice management data is protected by our complete, automatic backups in our world class data center.

RevolutionEHR is user-friendly, customizable, and very responsive to questions/concerns.Justin Beamer, OD, Greater Vision Eye Associates, LLC

See Our Software

Experiencing a live and personal demo is the best way to determine if RevolutionEHR is a good fit for your practice.

RevolutionEHR is delivered via the cloud to your internet browser, anywhere you happen to be – home or office or traveling. Likewise, our demos are online.

During the demo, we will discuss your goals, give you a tour of the software, and encourage you to ask questions.

Simply fill out this form to request a personal and interactive product demonstration with a member of our sales team.

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