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Customer Testimonials

RevolutionEHR is a true partner in continual improvement and delivery of eye care service excellence, not to mention one of the coolest and smartest bunch of people to be around.

- Deborah Bosner, Columbus, OH

By the way, my staff has been going through the training process with Kathrene.  She is a GREAT trainer!  She has a lot of patience.

- Donald Yee, OD, Sacramento, CA

We switched to Revolution on June 18th, 2012 because our previous vendor was not able to help us attest to meaningful use without spending thousands of dollars to update their system we had already paid 10’s of thousands of dollars to purchase. As of noon today I am “locked for payment”! Success! It was definitely worth the move!

- Cheryl Roers Ott, OD, Kiel, WI

I want to thank you for your time and dedication to your product and the quality of education you bring to applying Revolution EHR/Meaningful Use in our practices. This time, I understood Meaningful Use but for 1 1/2 years was unable to implement it in our 3 location practice due to one problem after another with our practice software. In September, I gave up, signed on with RevolutionEHR, went live by the end of the month and began our 90 days Oct 1. We did in less than one month what we couldn’t do in 18 months! Thank you and your whole team! I am a billboard for your software.

- James Paulson, OD, Franklin, PA

Revolution rocks!  Thanks for making this a reality and meaningful use attainable!!!

- Renee Adams, OD, Lawrenceville, IL

You guys are awesome. I have had such a great experience with everything with Revolution! I am really happy that Vision Source turned me on to you guys!

- David J. Braun, OD, Syracuse, NY

I must say you guys are fabulous to deal with. I wish every software company used your model. Keep up the great work.

- John Vinagre, East Wareham, MA

Your whole support staff are remarkable and everyone is so willing to help out.  Thank you again – RevEHR has made a wonderful difference in the efficiency of my everyday duties to my Doctor and this practice-  Love it, love it, love it–You’re dynamite!

- Jackie A. Green, Breaux Bridge, LA

Everyone at RevolutionEHR has been fantastic and I could not be more pleased with the service we’ve received.

- Andrew Paik, OD, Chicago, IL

I wanted to be sure and tell you that I am thoroughly impressed with the service I receive from RevolutionEHR employees.

- Dirk Massie, OD, Swansea, IL

Although the transition has been difficult, I am VERY pleased we changed over and can’t believe how much better this system is.  The person who is 20/60 and has never had an eye exam doesn’t know how poorly he sees, and I just didn’t know software could be this exam friendly!!

- Larry Ernst, OD, Warrenton, MO

Using RevolutionEHR for about a month organized my office more than 10 years using my old software. Thank you RevolutionEHR for this outstanding product.

- Hamid Hashemi, OD, Carrollton, TX

I just want to thank the whole team; you have been awesome to work with and no matter the question big or little you have helped to solve our problems.  Thank you.

- Pat Senneke, Crystal Lake, IL

Every day I learn several wonderful things that can be done with RevEHR.  The support group is by far ranked #1 in my humble work experience.  I am very proud to be part of RevEHR and always looking forward to be better and more efficient.  Thanks again.

- Jackie A. Green, Breaux Bridge, LA

My income was amazing this past year and I feel it is directly a result of the change to RevEHR!

- Joan Ploem Miller, OD, Hillsboro, OR

I LOVE the fact that feedback is so easy to present to you, and that replies come quickly…even if things aren’t possible at this time…as it least we know our concerns are being heard.

I’m extremely pleased with RevolutionEHR more from this standpoint than the actual product itself (even though I’m happy with that as well)…as in the days of poor customer service, you guys are a rare breed with your extreme customer-satisfaction methodology which mimics my practice style.

Keep up the good work, and I’ll continue to sing your praises to my peers.

- Jeff Klosterman, OD, Harrodsburg, KY

I was at a CE conference this weekend and none of the docs I spoke with have attested or had any clue and none were using Revolution. I was quick to point out how wonderful the team here is and the ease of the whole process!

- Mary Lee Pemberton, OD, Waynesboro, VA

I recently went live and things are going OK!  A couple of reasons I chose you folks are that you are web based (a big plus for someone not wanting to waste time learning to be a techie on top of enjoying life) and current users I talked to are pleased with your personal service, of which I would heartily agree.  Our trainer deserves a raise.

- David Fox, OD, Wellsboro, PA

I wanted to take time to appreciate a recent update for the ‘alerts’ section.  This was a great addition to Revolution, thank you for adding it!

- Derri Sandberg, OD, Bend, OR

Thank you and all of the Revolution team for your help in making our adoption of Revolution and meeting MU a reality.  You have a great and very professional organization. I appreciate all of your guidance through the entire process.

- Tim Barry, OD, Jennings, LA

Just finished the attestation process! What a relief! Thanks to everyone at Revolution for their help and for all the input from the members of this page.

- Dan Host, OD, Huntington, IN

We just finished a successful attestation! Thanks to Scott and all at RevEHR, you made it very doable and stress free.

- John Maurillo, OD, Skaneateles, NY

Just attested tonight! A big ‘thank you’ to Scott Jens and the entire Revolution EHR team for a great product and your guidance through this process.

- Rob Moore, OD, Tuscaloosa, AL

Just finished attesting. The process was very easy and very straight forward. Scott and the crew at Revolution have done a wonderful job of getting us ready for this process. I’m probably one of the oldest Revolution docs and most assuredly one of the least computer literate. I just love it when a plan comes together!

- Ralph Hendrix, OD, Red Springs, NC

Keep up the great work!  Every meeting I get asked, “Which EHR are you on?” and I spread the word as much as I can.  You guys have been great.

- Karsten Lee, OD, Pukalani, HI

We at Accent Eyecare Center celebrated our 4 year anniversary of RevEHR on October 12th and we could not be happier! We chose a diligent, concerned, and caring group, and you’ll never know how much this means to us. I just can’t thank all of you enough for a super-fantastic product, responsive to our needs, constant to-the-point communication and 110% caring.

We all want to thank you for a fantastic 4 years!!!!

- Mike Walby, OD, Perry, FL

I have to say I just love Revolution! The software itself is fantastic, but the support and training are the best! Great job! I also have to say that getting such a discount for buying the software since I am a new practice brought me to tears of joy! What a welcome surprise that was!

- Amy Rasmussen, OD, Frisco, TX

As a side note, I must say your Revolution product seems outstanding so far.  From the sales presentation to every other aspect I have been very pleased.  Our trainer has gone far beyond what I expected and has helped us immensely.

- Bill Kegerize, OD, Genoa, OH

I’ve been using it for almost 4 years … It’s the best software I’ve used in 16 years …

- Tara McKean, Waynesboro, VA

Hey – I just wanted to thank you for the system message regarding cutting and pasting documents in Documents/Images.  This has saved me a tremendous amount of time!!!  Until you posted that tip, I had been printing, scanning and reattaching the documents to move them.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that time saver!!

- Sheri Sharpe, LaFollette, TN

I do appreciate the efforts that I see from RevolutionEHR staff to provide VERY timely and pleasant customer service.

- Scott McDougal, OD, Cape Girardeau, MO

You have done a fantastic job of helping through the Facebook group, the online documents, webinars, etc.  I question if there are any other companies involved in assisting their clients along this path to the degree you have (if at all).  The whole Meaningful Use area of the website is a goldmine of education and information…one just needs to use it!

- Brett Paepke, OD, Plattsburgh, NY

When I note the vast difference between what you offer for support compared to what my previous vendor offered, it is like Sr. High vs. kindergarten!

- Allan Dean, OD, Tallahassee, FL

With Revolution, we’ve dealt with our designated trainer and also the general customer support line when our trainer was out of town for a week – amazingly quick response time.   We’ve always either gotten a live person, or an email or call back within an hour.

- Sharon Burruss, OD, Carbondale, IL

We went live with RevEHR 2 weeks ago.  So far, overall impression is very positive.  That includes docs and staff.

- Tony Clark, OD, Cary, NC

We’re going to go live for MU this week. Everyone is excited because it’s going to be a lot easier than we thought – a testament to the software and all your efforts. Thanks.

- Aaron Westerlund, OD, Myrtle Beach, SC

It makes me happy to see that you are always on the lookout for improvements, and it’s greatly appreciated.

- Norma Zuniga, OD, Atlanta, GA

I think the transition has gone as well as these things can.  Your company has been pleasant to work with throughout the process.

- Scott McDougal, OD, Cape Girardeau, MO

The attention to detail is much appreciated.  A+ on the conversion, and thanks to all for making our transition to Revolution smoother than expected.

- Ed Pizio, Sahara Eye Center, Las Vegas, NV

Just wanted to give a big thanks to our trainer for her awesome help last week.  She was on the phone multiple times with both me and my coworker in one day.  Her patience and positive attitude were so great and we got some great tips.

- Tessa Braddy, Spearfish, SD

Problems are issues that have to be dealt with and your company has taken the ‘high road’. Receiving the daily updates helped me know that you were taking the problem seriously; it would have been easy to ignore your customers and just fix it without communicating to us your progress. Thanks for the updates and the final ‘root cause’ of what made the system go crazy!  Any relationship that communicates openly and honestly will thrive!!! I am glad we are partners!

- Lisa Greene, OD, Asheville, NC

Your support is awesome, by the way.

- Bill Vietti, OD, Chanute, KS

Thanks so much.  I really appreciate the heads up and how well you guys do keeping us in the loop on things like this. I’m a big fan.

- Scott Kennedy, OD, Spearfish, SD

The nice thing about RevEHR and other web based office software is that it is accessible on any computer anywhere, networked or not, that can run a modern browser and go on-line.

- Roy Baker, OD, Redway, CA

I have been with Revolution for 1-1/2 years.  It definitely gets better and better all the time.  They are responsive and if you want a feature that is not yet available, you can put it on the wish-list.  There are updates all the time.  When switching to a new way of doing things, there are some growing pains, so be prepared for that! I also love the web-based aspect of Revolution- I now work from home on Fridays in my jammies and fuzzy slippers instead of coming into the office on my ‘administrative’ day!!

For my practice, Revolution was one of the best business decisions I have made to date.  It is very easy to customize your templates so that your EMR works for you and not the other way around.

- Heather Starling, OD, Gainesville, FL

I LOVE having a Web based system.  As we are getting more proficient at using Revolution we enjoy it more and more.   Thanks,

- Phil Rainey, OD, Boise, ID

Thanks for the info. I have confidence in your company and am happy I chose your system. Knowledge is key here and I am looking forward to this journey together

- David Kruger, OD, Rantoul, IL

We are extremely happy with the TAB integration.  It is a huge timesaver.  We are also happy about the fact that the integration helps us to keep our database cleaner.

- Richard Kamerer, Aurora, CO

Ever since this enhancement was mentioned, I have been so excited.  This should really help streamline communications.  I can’t wait to play with it some more.

- Ryan Ames, OD, Oshkosh, WI

We love the ongoing care feature.  Nice work RevolutionEHR staff!

- Dirk Massie, OD, Swansea, IL

Thank you!  You guys rock…love the customer service

- Mary Lee Pemberton, OD, Waynesboro, VA

One thing I can comment on is RevolutionEHR customer service.  I have been working with RevolutionEHR this month for the first time ever.  I still cannot believe that a HUMAN BEING answers the phone every time I call.  And she actually answers my questions!  Wonderful customer service.

- Barb Brehaut CPC, CMIS, Professional Medical Billing, LLC

I have had Revolution EHR since last June. I really love it. Customer support is fabulous. The company is in tune to what ODs need. It is constantly being developed and improved upon.

- Shannon Franklin OD, Charlottesville, VA

We are starting to get comfortable with the system and getting to see more of the benefits of it now.  I really like the dynamic nature of the system and I like seeing some of the changes that I brought up being put into use.

- Jake Vergin, OD, Thorp, WI

Great system, keep up the great work!

- Ryan Veatch, OD, Coralville, IA

All the updates RevolutionEHR has been making recently have done a good job to streamline everything.  Keep up the good work.

- Kyle Eaton, OD, Burgaw, NC

We have been happy with RevolutionEHR, the first web-based PMS using the cloud.  It is a newer one but it is gaining acceptance.  They are very responsive to our requests and are continually updating their software…

- Dave Ziegler, OD, West Allis, WI

I LOVE having a Web based system.  As we are getting more proficient at using RevolutionEHR we enjoy it more and more.

- Phil Rainey, OD, Boise, ID

These are the best records I have ever provided my patients and I am in so much more control of key aspects of my practice because of the system. The web based aspect is so perfect no one should ever consider PC based any more. I have been launched into so many great features that are available to ODs on line too.

- Vincent Facchiano, OD, Rockford, IL

They are exceptionally good Customer Service/Tech Support staff.  You made a good choice in selecting them as part of your staff.  I have been very impressed by them. Thank you for providing great customer support as well.

- Richard Kamerer, Coralville, IA

Again, we are overwhelmingly impressed with the dynamic state of your company and appreciate how the new releases seem to answer many of our issues.

- Karsten Lee, OD, Pukalani, HI

I just noticed that today is our 1 year anniversary of going live with RevolutionEHR!  I love seeing less and less paper charts in my business office!  For all those who are considering EMR- just do it!  It was easy and we are so much more efficient a year later.  I also highly recommend RevolutionEHR – one of my better business decisions.

- Heather Starling, OD, Gainesville, FL

Thanks for fixing the bug today so fast – I appreciate how fast you get on problems. It was one we could work around but I still thank you for helping so quickly.

- Mike Walby, OD, Perry, FL

Things are going more smoothly since we have been on RevolutionEHR for a year. Many of the visits are repeats and the processing is much faster. I am thrilled that we made the move.

- Bill Hass, OD, Owosso, MI

That is excellent! This change enables us to do exactly what we needed. Thank you for your quick response and resolution to our problem. It’s refreshing to work with an EHR company that welcomes feedback and swiftly makes necessary changes to ensure ease of record keeping and production flow. Thanks again for all you do.

- Jennifer DaQuano, Charlotte, NC

RevolutionEHR has made a tremendous difference in my practice, examinations are correct-coded and auditable, ordering and inventory is easy, billing and reimbursement is accurate and easy to do, it constantly is being upgraded at the request of the users, and the staff can read my writing (typing)!!!

- Mike Walby, OD, Perry, FL

I really think we are doing well!  I drove home yesterday feeling very good that we went with your company.

- John Hoven, OD, Alexandria, MN

Thank you for your great service!  We could not have made a better choice in EMRs! Thank you for your personal and exceptional service as well as your unique product!  It means more than you realize.  I will continue to support you with my highest recommendations.

- Sheri Roggy, OD, Iowa City, IA

GREAT JOB on the updates. That is probably one of the top reasons I chose RevolutionEHR, and still would be one of the top reasons I tell people to get RevolutionEHR! I love that you guys are moving forward and continuing to update more and more.

- Gina Wesley, OD, Crystal, MN

RevolutionEHR has been absolutely wonderful to work with, customer service is great.  You guys are so proactive and I really appreciate you taking in our thoughts and possibly considering them to help improve the app.

- Jason Paist, OD, Limerick, PA

"a big thanks to our trainer for her awesome help..."
- Tessa Braddy, Spearfish, SD
"made a tremendous difference ..."
- Mike Walby, OD, Perry, FL
"We switched to Revolution on June 18th, 2012 because our previous vendor was not able to help us attest to meaningful use without spending thousands of dollars to update their system we had already paid 10's of thousands of dollars to purchase. As of noon today I am "locked for payment"! Success! It was definitely worth the move!..."
- Cheryl Roers Ott, OD, Kiel, WI
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