Patient Handout: Understanding Glaucoma

As an optometrist, you want your patients to know that glaucoma is a potentially serious condition that benefits from routine screening and early diagnosis. 

Download our patient handout to be sure your patients know, too. 

Here’s what your patients will learn: 

  • That glaucoma is a common eye disease 
  • The two types of glaucoma
  • The risk factors for glaucoma 
  • Glaucoma symptoms to watch out for
  • How glaucoma is diagnosed and treated 
  • The importance of routine comprehensive exams to screen for glaucoma and other serious eye conditions

RevolutionEHR was designed with features to help you help your patients while streamlining practice workflows, simplifying billing and insurance, and ensuring a top-notch patient experience. Sharing our glaucoma handout with your patients is one way to show them your focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Download the e-Book