Multi-Location Practices

Freedom to Focus

If you’re like most doctors, your passion is patient care. RevolutionEHR gives you freedom to do what you do best–focus on your patients.

RevolutionEHR is one platform for both EHR and practice management, that streamlines all facets of your business. With everything your electronic health record and practice management software does in your office, it’s critical to not only look for a solution that will continuously grow with you and adapt to the future changes in eye care, but also a partner on which to build your future.

RevolutionEHR was designed by Optometrists, and is constantly refined by our customers’ feedback. Our goal is to help our users be more efficient and profitable so they can focus on their passion, patient care.

Practical Pricing

Our monthly fee is based on the number of doctors, not the number
of workstations in your practice.

Access from Anywhere

Managing multiple locations usually equates to more doctors, more staff, and more complexity in your operations.

RevolutionEHR simplifies your multi-location EHR implementation by eliminating the hassle and expense of maintaining extra software, servers, databases, backups and hardware across your locations.

Our cloud-based architecture eliminates the need to synchronize data between two or more locations. Just login to RevolutionEHR from any location and you will have instant access to all the information in your practice.

      • Access any patient record from any location – no need to fax records back and forth
      • Reports can be generated for one location or the entire practice
      • Access the schedule for each office from any location
      • Ability to have unique business IDs for each location
      • Permission can be granted by role to control who has access to data for each location
      • Ability to give employee access to data per location
      • Patient records accessible from any location
Input your quotation here. Also, you can cite your quotes if you would like.Mr. WordPress
Input your quotation here. Also, you can cite your quotes if you would like.Mr. WordPress

Simplify your IT

With our cloud-based architecture, an internet connection is all your practice needs to run RevolutionEHR, and you can forget about updating software, because you’re always on the latest version!

We provide the servers, databases, file storage and security you need – in the cloud! And your EHR and practice management data is protected by our complete, automatic backups in our world class data center.

See Our Software

Experiencing a live and personal demo is the best way to determine if RevolutionEHR is a good fit for your practice.

RevolutionEHR is delivered via the cloud to your internet browser, anywhere you happen to be – home or office or traveling. Likewise, our demos are online.

During the demo we will take the time to discuss your goals and answer any questions you might have.

Simply fill out this form to request a personal and interactive product demonstration with a member of our sales team.

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