Multi-Location Optometry Practices

Simplicity in the Cloud

Multiple locations usually bring an additional level of complexity to an eye care practice.

RevolutionEHR simplifies and unifies the implementation of EHR and practice management software across all of your locations.

Access from Anywhere

Our cloud-based architecture eliminates the need to synchronize data between two or more locations. Just login to RevolutionEHR from any location (or anywhere) and you will have instant access to patient data, reports, schedules and all information across your practice.

Role-based Control

Easily grant and manage role-based permissions to control who in your practices has access to what type of data for each location. Limit access to certain locations or grant access across your practice. It’s up to you.


Simplified IT

  • An internet connection is all your practice needs to run RevolutionEHR. We provide all the servers, databases and file storage you need – in the cloud! Your EHR and practice management data is protected by our complete, automatic backups in our world class data center.

    Practical Pricing

    Our monthly fee is based on the number of doctors, not the number
    of staff, servers or workstations across your practice locations.

    With multiple locations, I can see what is happening from anywhere. I have doctors who were less than stellar on record keeping and this helps them be efficient and thorough.Torrey Carlson, OD

    See Our Software

    Experiencing a live and personal demo is the best way to determine if RevolutionEHR is a good fit for your practice.

    RevolutionEHR is delivered via the cloud to your internet browser, anywhere you happen to be – home or office or traveling. Likewise, our demos are online.

    During the demo, we will discuss your goals, give you a tour of the software, and encourage you to ask questions.

    Simply fill out this form to request a personal and interactive product demonstration with a member of our sales team.

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