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RevolutionEHR Integrations


RevolutionEHR has partnered with RxNT to develop a seamless integration which allows optometrists to easily e-prescribe from RevolutionEHR. RxNT is the only stand-alone e-prescribing solution to achieve platinum partner status with Surescipts.

TriZetto Provider Solutions

More than 250,000 providers trust TriZetto Provider Solutions® advanced eligibility, claims management, reimbursement and analytics tools to maximize revenue, simplify the complex revenue management process and reduce costs associated with claims processing. We help physician offices, large academic medical centers, health systems and medical billing organizations by pinpointing areas of lost revenue and automating the recovery process, decreasing claims rejections, and improving payment turnaround times.

For more information and helpful resources on how to reduce administrative hassles and maximize your revenue, visit our website.


Marco and RevolutionEHR developed the first cloud-based integration of refractive equipment and EHR software.  The integration leverages the simplicity of our cloud architecture providing RevolutionEHR customers a seamless, single click solution for automatically populating patient encounters in RevolutionEHR with data collected from their Marco refractive equipment.


Topcon Medical Systems (TMS), based in Oakland, NJ, is a leading developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community.
RevolutionEHR integrates with Topcon by providing customers a single click solution for automatically populating patient encounters in RevolutionEHR with data collected from their Topcon refractive equipment.

AMD iManager

AMD iManager provides your practice with a personalized patient disease management program by incorporating early risk detection, preventative treatment protocols, and patient education.


RevolutionEHR partners with FRAMES Data Online, the comprehensive online search engine for optical frames for easy inventory administration.


By partnering with VisionWeb, RevolutionEHR provides you with seamless optical ordering, eliminating duplicate data entry. VisionWeb is an online service to help eyecare providers and laboratories simplify and streamline their businesses.



RevolutionEHR has partnered with Reichert to eliminate the need to enter information collected by refractive devices into a medical record. The Reichert integration will improve exam efficiency and accuracy.


Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments, a distributor of traditional exam lane equipment, has partnered with RevolutionEHR to integrate Huvitz refractive equipment for our customers.


Demandforce automates your marketing and patient communications strategy.  They use text messaging, online reviews and social media to increase your revenue, reduce no shows and keep patients coming back more often.  Demandforce interfaces seamlessly with RevolutionEHR to access your patient information.


RevolutionEHR has partnered with Apex EDI to provide practices with reporting and web based claims management functions. The integration streamlines the billing process, and submit insurance claims electronically.


The partnership with WeRx and RevolutionEHR developed after a current RevolutionEHR user collaborated in a brother duo team to design a web-based patient assistance software application that should be of interest to every practicing prescribing health care provider.


Websystem3 offers custom patient e-newsletters, appointment reminders, surveys, recalls, thank-yous, Google, Yahoo & Yelp reviews and marketing mailers. Patient-messaging is done by e-mail, text-message or both.  RevolutionEHR enables Websystem2 to securely access your patient data to provide these services.


Solutionreach is a patient engagement software service designed to maintain and retain existing patients while identifying and acquiring new patients by utilizing the latest automated text/email messaging technologies and social media tools.  RevolutionEHR provides a secure interface to enable Solutionreach to access your patient data.


4PatientCare delivers multi-modal intelligent, interactive messaging solutions that integrate administrative, clinical and health plan messaging needs.   By accessing RevolutionEHR through secure web-services, 4PatientCare inreases practice revenue, patient and staff satisfaction, while enhancing clinical outcomes in a cost-effective manner.


EyeconX™ is a powerful, easy to use, website and online communication platform, well-suited for your optometry practice. With EyeconX™, you can instantly and effortlessly communicate with patients via e-mail, SMS, telephone (cell or home) and social media. This software solution also seamlessly integrates with your practice management software, providing a robust, out-of-the-box communication tool.


Edge is a web-based solution for evaluation, measuring and monitoring events that occur in an optometric practice.  We have partnered with EDGE to enable them to securely gather practice performance data from RevolutionEHR.  EDGE converts that data into beneficial reports that guide business owners in creating strategic initiatives.

EyeDock is a clinical reference for eye care professionals featuring a searchable contact lens and ocular pharmaceuticals database, calculators that streamline prescribing contact lenses, and ICD-9 lookup. By accessing Eyedock’s extensive contact lens database, RevolutionEHR provides easy setup of your contact lens catalog.


Glimpse is a business analytics software service designed to help business owners measure performance, identify growth opportunities, forecast future trends, and compare results among peers. The software safely interacts with RevolutionEHR to create reports automatically.At the push of a button, work more efficiently by instantly measuring and tracking all aspects of practice performance.

"vast difference between you and my previous vendor..."
- Allan Dean, OD, Tallahassee, FL
"saved me a tremendous amount of time..."
- Sheri Sharpe, LaFollette, TN
"overall impression is very positive..."
- Tony Clark, OD, Cary, NC
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