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EyeAppoint is the easiest way to have all the tools needed in one place to Attract, Engage and Retain your patients. From website management, to contact lens ordering, to mobile apps and SEO, EyeAppoint has created a solution allowing you to seamlessly integrate with RevolutionEHR.

As a practicing Optometrist since 1996, Dr. Lavar Kofoed became very aware of the changing systems of the modern optometrist. Constant communication from competing companies with the latest “next best thing” triggered a desire to find a simpler process. EyeAppoint was the inspiration of Dr Kofoed’s team in trying to resolve the simple questions of the most effective way to Attract, Engage and Retain patients. The result, one system instead of many bolt on systems. One service for notifications, contact lens ordering, marketing, online scheduling and so much more!

We invite you to find out how you can have one simple solution to Attract, Engage and Retain your patients.


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