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Purple Go

A growth platform to engage with customers and manage your business.

A better customer experience
Consistently provide exceptional service with professional tools that serveu00a0customer needs seamlessly online and in-store. Whether itu2019s appointmentu00a0booking on your website or iPad-assisted in-person sales, Purple Go makes itu00a0easy for customers to get what they need at every touchpoint.

Streamlined, on mobile and in the cloud
Built with the latest software technologies, Purple Go automates tasks andu00a0assists staff to dramatically improve efficiency and cut time-to-sale. As au00a0unified, cloud-based optical retail platform, it eliminates redundant data entryu00a0and provides wide-ranging benefits with minimal effort.

Purple Go is comprised of powerful features that work together seamlessly.

In-Store App
Cut time-to-sale in half with easily accessible product images and information,u00a0automatic lens and insurance pricing, and order tracking.

Customer Profiles
Quickly access visit and purchase history from anywhere and send follow-upu00a0communication with a few taps.

Fully automate booking through your website and into your EHR. Cut down onu00a0no shows with automated reminders.

Inventory Management
Efficiently track inventory without tedious data entryu2014just search and add onu00a0an iPad you can carry around the store.

Email Marketing and Recall
Boost return customer visits with automated annual exam reminders andu00a0branded newsletters.

Analytics Dashboard
Maximize your bottom line with insightful real-time data visualizations of emailu00a0campaigns, appointments, and sales.


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