ABB OPTICAL and RevolutionEHR Announce Collaboration for Efficient Product Ordering and Delivery

ABB OPTICAL and RevolutionEHR Announce Collaboration for Efficient Product Ordering and Delivery

ABB OPTICAL GROUP, a national provider of optical products and business services for the eye care industry, and RevolutionEHR, the leading cloud-based EHR and practice management software for eye care, announce the integration of ABB OPTICAL products with RevolutionEHR’s SmartFlow for Sight™ordering technology which automates the entire product ordering process for eye care practitioners (ECPs) from order submission to delivery to their office or directly to their patients.

“By integrating ABB OPTICAL’s distribution services with RevolutionEHR, we’ve enhanced the ECP’s freedom to instantly and effortlessly order soft contact lenses for their patients through one system,” said Jonathan Mish, ABB OPTICAL’s chief information officer. “Users will enjoy features such as seamless order accuracy, unparalleled speed and real-time status updates, all of which increase practice efficiency and enhance the patient experience. This is just another way in which ABB OPTICAL works to provide our customers with best-in-class business solutions.”

Placing orders through RevolutionEHR removes the need for users to access multiple disparate ordering portals, thus eliminating double entry. Using RevolutionEHR’s orders dashboard, customers receive automatic and real-time order status updates directly from their SmartFlow suppliers. Additionally, RevolutionEHR users can leverage the integrated contact lens catalog, provided by ABB OPTICAL, for automatic parameter verification.

“We’re excited to work with ABB OPTICAL and offer customers the ability to order ABB products directly within RevolutionEHR,“ said Corey Crawford, RevolutionEHR Vice President of Operations. “Our Smartflow technology provides ECPs the fastest, most accurate product ordering experience in the market, saving staff time as well as increasing patient satisfaction.”





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