An EHR with Optometry Business in Mind

Originally published in The IDOC Quarterly, Fourth Quarter 2012

An EHR with Optometry Business in Mind

OD developed RevolutionEHR when he couldn’t find system to suit his practice

In 2007, Scott Jens, OD, FAAO, launched RevolutionEHR after having the system essentially built for his multilocation practice in Wisconsin. “I wasn’t finding the right combination of EHR systems that would connect my offices and didn’t require me to maintain a server in my office. There wasn’t a lot of web connectivity then,” he says. He worked with some progressive technologists to develop a cloud-based, eye care-specific EHR that helps run the entire business. “The whole software platform, EHR, ordering, billing, scheduling and more are available all the time to all users. These aren’t pieces you have to turn on and pay for individually,” he says. “The most important thing is that this system is EHR-centric. In some other systems, EHR was added later, meaning you look up a patient in one section and look up the billing somewhere or tests somewhere else. With this system, you perform an eye exam and your data feeds into all the other parts of the system.”

There’s easy cloud-to-cloud interaction with other cloud systems, such as The Edge™ or Websystem3. “If our customer pays for that service, the system will automatically share data in the cloud.” There’s also connectivity of exam hardware to the cloud, including Marco devices that push data directly into the patient record.

The program is also ahead of the curve for meaningful use with the development of its RevolutionPHR, a free software application that allows doctors to provide their patients with a personal health record. To assist a doctor in meaningful use, the patient can be directed to for key summary documents that display information from their doctor, including medications and diagnosis lists. “Consumers are going to have to grow an appetite for it, but by the time Stage 2 of meaningful use is here in 2014, patients will be very connected.”

RevolutionEHR is an IDOC-endorsed EHR vendor, meaning that IDOC members receive advantageous pricing. “It’s a good match,” says Dr. Jens. “IDOC members have a high degree of concern for running their practices efficiently, and RevolutionEHR provides the tools to do that.”

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