RevolutionEHR Announces Integration with ZEISS i.Profiler & i.Scription to Increase Efficiency and Precision with Patient Prescriptions


Contact: Cindy Braden, Director of Sales & Marketing

(Madison, WI) November 6, 2013 — RevolutionEHR, the leading provider of cloud-based practice management and electronic health record software for the optometric community, today announced the integration of ZEISS i.Profiler® and i.Scription® technology to increase efficiency and precision with patient prescriptions.

“Working with the RevolutionEHR team has only highlighted why they have been picking up so much momentum in the market,” said Steven Haifawi, Dispensing Tools and Instruments Director for Carl Zeiss Vision North America, Latin and South America, Australia and New Zealand. “They are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. It is our pleasure to be working with them and we look forward to continuing to drive efficiencies and solutions to our mutual customers.”

i.Profiler provides a fully automated measurement procedure, with touch screen control, enabling all measurements of both eyes in approximately 30 seconds. i.Profiler captures, evaluates, analyzes and presents 4 measurement modalities: ocular wavefront aberrometer, autorefractometer, ATLAS corneal topographer and keratometer. i.Scription technology combines the subjective refraction with ocular wavefront aberrometry data, creating an individualized prescription to 1/100th of a diopter.

“This year has been extraordinary as we have continued to provide device integration for our customers,” said Scott Jens, OD, FAAO, Chief Executive Officer of RevolutionEHR. “The integration of ZEISS i.Profiler devices and i.Scription technology further demonstrates our dedication to building relationships with industry partners who have the same drive that we do, which is to improve patient care.”

The software integration moves data captured from Zeiss i.Profiler devices and i.Scription software into the appropriate test fields in RevolutionEHR with the push of a button.

“With the iScription integration, we are now creating ZiX prescriptions in the computer as well as a more standard Rx,” said Edward Melman, OD of Dr. Melman Eyeland in Voorhees, NJ. “This gives our patients the opportunity to try the latest and greatest in lens products without there being a lot of extra work on our end.”

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RevolutionEHR is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management and electronic health record systems for the optometric community. RevolutionEHR recognizes optometrists are not in the business of record keeping, accounting, and maintaining complex IT systems. Rather, they are in the business of patient care. RevolutionEHR is an online solution that provides optometrists the freedom to focus on patient care. For more information about RevolutionEHR, visit


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