RevolutionEHR Launches Image Management Solution

RevolutionEHR Launches Image Management Solution

RevolutionEHR is pleased to announce the launch of RevImaging, an image management solution built for and enabled directly within RevolutionEHR.

RevImaging provides RevolutionEHR users a completely unified, efficient, feature rich image management service for better disease progression monitoring, decision making and overall patient care experiences.

Unique to RevImaging is the efficiency that comes from centralized image management. Simultaneous viewing from a wide array of devices provides a seamless experience for reviewing patient images regardless of the origin of the image.

“We’re excited to bring a completely integrated cloud-based image management solution to RevolutionEHR users” said Scott Jens, OD, CEO. “Enhanced viewing of patient images through thumbnails, side by side comparisons and image overlays, all from within RevolutionEHR, are part of the robust image management experience we are anxious to provide our users.”

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