RevolutionEHR Launches “Pulse”, Practice Performance Dashboard within RevolutionEHR

RevolutionEHR is pleased to announce the launch of Pulse, a practice performance dashboard that helps RevolutionEHR users manage their eye care business – all from within RevolutionEHR.  Pulse provides instant, robust views into practice data to track KPIs, analyze and explore trends, and compare performance metrics across the practice.

“We’re excited to provide RevolutionEHR users the ability to analyze their business and compare trends to identify areas of improvement between doctors, staff and locations,” said Scott Jens, OD, RevolutionEHR CEO.  “The data necessary for practice analytics already lives in RevolutionEHR, so it just makes sense to provide doctors and office managers quick and easy access to that foundational practice data for making business decisions.”

Since RevolutionEHR is cloud-based, Pulse was instantly enabled for all practices using RevolutionEHR with no setup or install required. In addition, Pulse data is automatically kept up to date and is provided to RevolutionEHR users at no charge.

Learn more about Pulse at

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