Quality Reporting


RevAspire is a RevolutionEHR-enabled solution that supports, equips and assists RevolutionEHR doctors through the entire process of CMS quality reporting.

Our RevAspire Team of CMS quality reporting experts will work on your behalf, freeing you and your staff from the administrative burden of submitting quality reporting data, while also equipping you with one-on-one support to not just meet CMS quality reporting requirements, but to exceed them and reap the benefits.

Say goodbye to the hassles of MIPS participation, data submission, and responding to related audits. Our RevAspire team has your back.

Focus your time on what you aspire to most – caring for your patients.

Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about this anymore with you folks on my side!-Dr. Mark Couts

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Watch our video for an introduction to RevAspire.

Download our RevAspire brochure to understand how doctors in RevAspire score significantly better than national averages.

Simple Pricing

Pricing for RevAspire is simple. For only $104/month per doctor receive quality reporting expertise from our team for:

    • Score Optimization
    • Data Submission
    • Audit Protection
    • Exclusive Education and Resources

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Getting started with RevAspire is simple. Simply fill out this form to start the process. A RevAspire team member will reach out to answer any questions and initiate next steps.