Streamline Your Billing Process With RevBilling

RevBilling from RevolutionEHR helps you get paid faster, and with greater efficacy. Plus, RevBilling not only increases your bottom line via revenue collection, it also lowers administration costs by saving you time and money on training and set-up. The bottom line? RevBilling is the ultimate solution that helps maximize your bottom line!

RevBilling maximizes practice revenue by ensuring accurate claims submissions, securing quick reimbursements, providing appropriate ledger reconciliation, establishing timely posting of insurance remits, and administering robust follow-up on claim rejections and denials. 

With RevBilling, you have a dedicated team of revenue cycle experts working diligently for your practice, protecting your practice's bottom line, and ensuring you get paid what you deserve.

Benefits and Features of RevBilling:   

  • Improve collection timeliness, lower administration costs, and save time on training and set-up 
  • Increase patient retention and protect your bottom line by partnering with a team of billing experts 
  • Easily resolve, reconcile and collect insurance AR and eliminate the insurance follow-up time and headaches 
  • Eliminate practice performance interruptions from internal billing staff turnover, vacation, and sick time 
  • Drive best practice results and financial performance through comprehensive analytics 

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