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RevEngage: Patient Communication Simplified Automate, streamline & simplify with the time-saving engagement solution dedicated to driving business.

RevEngage makes connecting with your patients simple, convenient, and effective. With RevEngage, your patient engagement solutions are fully integrated within the RevolutionEHR software, allowing you to seamlessly drive more appointments, manage your practice’s online reputation, and much more! 

RevEngage includes two-way texting, appointment and recall reminders, smart messaging (based on patient data), online review management, and easy-to-use marketing campaigns—all of which help drive growth for your business. 

Communicate With Confidence 

  • Delivery confirmation tells you that your messages are being received. 
  • Simplified communication methods like phone calls, emails, and two-way texts promote greater communication efficacy. 

Protect Your Bottom Line 

  • Use digital waitlist* functions to ensure your calendar stays full. 
  • Encourage additional visits with recall reminders and order notifications. 
  • Send automated reminders that help prevent no-shows and last-minute cancellations. 

Drive More Business 

  • Expand your reach, and connect with new customers, via easy-to-use marketing campaigns.  
  • Track your progress with satisfaction metrics to see how your practice is performing. 
  • Manage your online presence, garner more positive reviews, and increase your exposure via automatic feedback prompts sent with post-appointment texts. 

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*Features of RevEngage+ 

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