RevIntake is a state-of-the-art mobile registration, scheduling and engagement platform designed to help you:

  • Increase efficiency: completion of registration procedures prior to a visit saves you valuable time
  • Increase revenue: time saved for each visit allows more patients to be seen
  • Improve the patient experience: patients won't miss your clipboards and paperwork

Customizable to the specific needs of your practice, RevIntake offers three services:


Patient Registration

Fully customizable registration forms for every encounter type, patient status and provider. Digitize the forms you already use and ensure the proper patients receive them at the right time through automated reminders that obey your preferences.



User-friendly scheduling tool that can be easily added to your website to impress prospective patients and allow existing ones a convenient way to book their next appointment.


Patient Surveys

Never wonder what your patients thought of their visit again. Turn happy patients into referral sources through fully customizable post-appointment surveys and reviews for online platforms like Google reviews, etc.


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