RevPayments is a RevolutionEHR enabled solution that simplifies the credit card payment workflow by bringing the entire process within the software.

  • Payment flexibility: easily and securely accept payments from patients in the manner that works best for them: card swipe/chip, Apple Pay™, Android Pay™, or voice
  • Freedom: no credit card terminal available? No problem! RevPayments turns RevolutionEHR into a manual credit card processor making it easy to accept payments wherever you or the patient might be
  • Convenience: securely store credit cards to use in a future transaction
  • Uninterrupted revenue: expired and outdated information is automatically updated for cards on file to avoid declined transactions
  • Superior accuracy: say goodbye to the typos and deposits not balancing


Patients can conveniently pay their account balance online!

  • Get paid faster: patients are more likely to pay a bill when they have a convenient and easy way to do it
  • Patient satisfaction: 67% of consumers prefer online payments for medical bills
  • Improved workflow: Patient e-payments flow back into RevolutionEHR for quick staff review and posting.

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