We Support Doctors in Various Settings

Many doctors are passionate about providing care and treatment for specific conditions that cannot be corrected with conventional glasses or contacts.

With the assistance of our customers, we developed diagnostic tests for many eye care specialties.

The beauty of our cloud-based architecture means these enhancements and tests are shared with all of our customers, and at no extra charge.

Low Vision

Feedback from RevolutionEHR customers that work with low vision patients helped us produce a series of special low vision tests that will assist practices serving and caring for low vision patients.

Low Vision doctors can customize their exams templates using these specialized tests.

Vision Therapy

Built by our community of RevolutionEHR customers, we have many Vision Therapy diagnostic tests that no other EHR offers. Utilizing our library of tests, doctors can document their VT consults and services with customized encounter templates, allowing them to provide exceptional care and educational resources for their vision therapy patients.

Nursing Homes

The ability to access your records from anywhere makes RevolutionEHR ideal for doctors that provide nursing home visits or in-home care. The customizable exam forms and optical allows you to create templates specific to the tests and products you provide your Medicare patients.


We provide documentation for secondary care and surgical care including pretest results for cataract and refractive surgery.

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RevolutionEHR is an unbelievably customizable product with exceptional “front of office” capabilities combined with an excellent EMR. All of this supported by a very friendly and helpful customer support staff with a genuine personal approach.Robert MacAlpine, OD

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