Technical Specs

As a cloud-based service, RevolutionEHR has minimal technology requirements for the office. The main items to review are the amount of memory on your computers and the actual internet speed you are achieving through your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We highly recommend you review those two areas and the items listed below before going live with RevolutionEHR.

Hardware Requirements

As an internet application, the only hardware requirement to concern yourself with relates to your devices. We recommend:

  • 4GB of RAM minimum
  • 2.3GHz processor (1.8GHz processor minimum)
  • Minimum 17″ monitor / 19″ wide-screen monitor, with high resolution setting (A larger screen provides a better user experience and faster operations due to less scrolling)

Supported Browsers

RevolutionEHR is designed to work with the latest version of any internet browser that supports Adobe Flash. We support operating with the following browser versions:

  • Google Chrome (latest version available for free at
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version available for free at
  • Apple Safari (latest version available for free at
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version available for free at

Software Requirements

RevolutionEHR requires the latest version of the following software to be installed on all computers:

  • Adobe Flash Player (latest version available for free at
  • Adobe Reader (latest version available for free at
  • Spreadsheet application (for accessing various data files which can be exported from RevolutionEHR)

Internet Speed Requirements

A critical area to analyze before implementing RevolutionEHR is the actual internet speed you are achieving in your office. Faster internet speed will result in better application performance. RevolutionEHR recommends:

  • Minimum internet download speed of 4 Mb/s
  • Minimum internet upload speed of 512Kb/s

The service level you purchase from your Internet Service Provider will define the download and upload speed but you want to analyze the actual speed you are achieving. There can be any number of reasons that cause you to achieve lower rates than those quoted by your ISP.

Your internet speed can be tested for free at If you need assistance with running the tests or analyzing the data, contact RevolutionEHR customer service.

To view a PDF version of the RevolutionEHR System Requirements, Click Here.

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