Increase Patient Engagement and Retention with RevConnect



  • RevConnect allows you to send automated email and text messages, such as appointment reminders and order status updates to your patients.
  • With RevConnect, you can choose from preformatted campaign templates or customize your own.
  • RevConnect displays your campaign and messaging data so you can determine each method’s success with patients.
  • Send recall and recare reminders to improve patient retention and keep your appointment book full.

Effective communication with your optometry patients is the best way to keep your schedule full and your practice thriving. Over 80% of patients in the healthcare system use smartphones or digital devices to communicate with providers. So, it is vital that you use an automated email and messaging service to reach your patients.

To increase patient engagement and retention, opt for a fully integrated application like RevConnect. It allows you to send automated appointment reminders, recare reminders, order status updates, and targeted email campaigns.

Effective Patient Communication

Effective patient communication can make or break your optometry practice. Missed appointments cost healthcare providers an estimated $150 billion in 2019, making it one of the most significant factors to affect your practice’s bottom line.

Without effective communication, your patients are more likely to forget appointments and less likely to show up for checkups or comply with follow-up recommendations. Additionally, they may end up moving to another optometrist who provides them with convenient, consistent communication.

With effective communication, you can engage with patients consistently by delivering and tracking messages. You can also provide them with informative and educational content and conveniently remind them of upcoming appointments. By actively engaging your patients, you’ll see increased revenue, better appointment utilization, and fewer no-shows.

Features of RevConnect

RevConnect patient engagement software offers eye care providers software that simplifies communication with automated email and text messaging along with the ability to track campaign results through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Appointment, Recall, and Recare Reminders

You can create manual or automatic reminders for patients from within the RevolutionEHR software. You can easily track your past correspondence with patients on the RevConnect dashboard by filtering your email or text history for specific groups of patients.

Recare reminders are crucial because they ensure patients don’t fall through the cracks in scheduling. If you aren’t sending recare notifications through your system, these patients may forget they’re due for an appointment or could take their business elsewhere.

Alongside appointment and recall reminders, recare communication with your patients can help keep the schedule full and boost your revenue.

The Not Eligible tab on RevConnect also allows you to stay up-to-date on patient contact information by notifying you when you’re not connecting with a patient you’ve sent a message to. Perhaps they were sent an email but want a text instead, or your contact information is out of date, so the message failed to send. These bounce-backs will be visible for you to review and correct.

Dashboard for Tracking Performance Metrics

Your RevConnect software lets you view critical performance information from the last 30 days at a glance by displaying it clearly on the dashboard. You’ll have insight into your patient communication rates with information like how many appointments have been checked in, how many recalls are scheduled, how many orders are currently placed, and how many orders have been dispensed.

You can also see how successful your communications are with patients on the dashboard. If you send an email to multiple patients, the dashboard displays a percentage of patients who opened it, so you can gauge whether your message was effective.

Optical Order Status Updates

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In addition to processing patient orders and viewing order history through RevolutionEHR, you can seamlessly communicate with patients about upcoming orders and orders that are ready for pickup. You can also send tracking updates as you process patient orders.

Use the dashboard metrics to see who has picked up their orders and which are still outstanding, then send follow-up communications through RevConnect email or text.

RevConnect Campaigns

RevConnect campaigns enable you to communicate with patients en masse about exciting updates and changes to your services. This email messaging tool combines the convenience of RevConnect Campaigns with the data-driven RevolutionEHR reports module.

With RevConnect, you can target individual or select groups of patients with your communications, such as those who spent a certain amount of money with you in the last month, granting them access to a special promotion.

You can use RevConnect Campaigns to inform patients who wear glasses about a new line of frames without bothering your patients who use only contacts. Campaigns are also an excellent tool for connecting with patients you want to invite to an event or to notify all patients of an upcoming sale.

Birthday Messages

Make patients feel valued by sending them birthday messages through RevConnect. You can set up an automatic email or text message wishing each patient well on their special day or offering a discount for visits during their birthday month. RevConnect allows you to send your greetings using all patients’ preferred method of communication — email or text.

RevConnect Benefits

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When you use RevConnect, you gain a wide array of benefits for your optometry practice. These include a fully integrated patient communication and practice management system, highly customizable templates and settings, and a support team with eye care backgrounds.

Fully Integrated

RevConnect allows you to manage patient communications on one system to improve retention rates and provide better care. The best part is that all patient correspondence occurs on the same platform where your EHR records are stored.

Experienced Staff

All RevConnect team members have a background in eye care. Because they know what you do every day, they’re in a unique position to answer your questions and provide insight on the best ways to optimize the software for your practice.

Exclusive User Website

The RevolutionEHR help site is exclusively for customer use via your personal login. Once signed in, you can access valuable resources to support your practice.

Outstanding Customer Support

RevConnect comes with exceptional customer support, so you’re never alone when navigating patient communications. Contact us via email, phone, or Skype, and enjoy built-in feedback you can use to make decisions.

Highly Customizable

RevConnect is a highly customizable communications platform for engaging with your patients. You can easily toggle between the recommended settings and your customized settings. Simply switch the recommended settings to “OFF” to disable them and apply your own.

Grow Your Practice With Better Patient Communication

Automated patient communication, like text messaging and email campaigns, helps you reach patients seamlessly from within RevConnect, which will help you keep your appointment book full and your practice growing.

Request a demo to discover how RevolutionEHR can help you grow your optometry practice with better patient communication.