Save Time and Money with Automated Patient Communication Tools


  • Automated patient communication tools can minimize errors and provide a better patient experience at your optometry practice.
  • RevIntake and RevConnect, automated tools from RevolutionEHR, to automate the patient intake and registration process and engage patients with text and email campaigns.
  • RevolutionEHR’s automated tools can work together to make the patient experience less stressful and help your staff members improve office efficiency.

Efficient and effective optometric patient intake is the key to growing successful practices. Automated patient communication tools can help your practice save time and money on phone calls and paperwork for appointment reminders, patient registration, and recalls.

The Importance of Automated Patient Communication Tools

Some optometry practices use manual intake and appointment systems, relying on staff members to manually input patient data. However, inconsistency can result from missing critical patient information with manual or inefficient systems.

In a study on registration errors, researchers found that inaccurately gathering patient information can lead to several mistakes, including staff members’ inability to access patient records and contact patients after appointments.

Optometrists also struggle with no-shows or patients showing up late for their appointments. Nearly half, 49%, of medical groups report an increase in no-show rates since 2021. The rise in no-shows is partially due to patients forgetting their appointments. Patient forgetfulness can cost your practice a loss of revenue. In 2019, healthcare providers lost an estimated $150 billion in revenue due to missed appointments.

Optometrists can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase customer service by switching to an optometry EHR with automated patient communication tools. For instance, sending reminders makes patients feel more valued and shows that their provider genuinely cares about them. Of the 12% of practices that experienced a decrease in no-shows in 2021, top reasons were using online check-in and sending additional reminders.

RevolutionEHR’s Automated Patient Communication Tools: RevConnect and RevIntake

RevolutionEHR is an all-in-one optometry practice management system featuring automated patient communication tools like RevConnect and RevIntake. With RevConnect and RevIntake, you can create a unique automated patient communication solution. Using these tools can help you improve your patient registration process and allow you to communicate with patients at the right time.


RevConnect is an automated tool that helps foster quick, more accessible communication between you and your patients. With RevConnect, your practice can send and track patient recall campaigns through a user-friendly dashboard. The tool also includes automated email and text messaging for accessible communication with patients.

If you need to send recall reminders to specific groups of patients, you can create text messages and email campaigns through RevConnect Campaigns. You can schedule to send patients messages for appointments and recare reminders. If they order optical products through your practice, Revconnect lets you send order status updates, including when their products are ready for pickup.

You can also schedule birthday messages or discount offers to visit your practice. These messages help your practice stay at the forefront of patients’ minds when they need to schedule future appointments.

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RevIntake is RevolutionEHR’s solution for patient intake at your practice. The platform’s user-friendly scheduling tool lets patients schedule their appointments on your website for convenience and accessibility. You can customize patient intake forms by appointment type, office location, and provider through RevIntake. Patients can also receive the documents via automated text and email reminders before coming to your office to save time in the waiting room.

RevIntake also allows you to send follow-up surveys to patients after their appointments. You can collect patient feedback about their experience with your clinic, staff, and provider. This information is valuable in improving the patient experience and determining areas for improvement.

How RevConnect and RevIntake Save Your Practice Time and Money

Sending reminders and required patient forms before appointments can reduce errors and incomplete information in your practice’s EHR system. These automated patient communication tools free up more time for your staff, who will spend less time conducting follow-up calls and searching for patient insurance and contact information.

RevIntake and RevConnect work with the integrated RevolutionEHR platform to help your practice save time and money in the following ways:

Streamline Intake Processes

With RevIntake, you can streamline your intake process with fewer steps for patients and less work for staff. RevIntake integrates with your optometry practice management software so you can collect patient information before they visit your clinic. When you upgrade to RevIntake Premium, patient responses are automatically imported to their records.

RevIntake is also available as an app for your tablet for patients who need to register in the office. Staff members can choose the patient’s name and give the tablet to the patient to complete independently. Upon completion of the registration process, their information flows directly into their records.

RevolutionEHR’s complete integration eliminates the need for redundant data entry.

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Improve No-Show Rates

RevConnect’s automated reminder system helps practice staff remind patients about appointments, leading to fewer no-shows and higher revenue. This tool allows you to fill appointment slots that would otherwise go unfilled if a patient cannot visit your clinic.

Automated reminders can reduce missed appointments by about 30%. You can send multiple appointment reminders by using the settings in RevConnect. Patients can receive these reminders weeks, days, and hours before the start of their appointments.

Recall Non-Active Patients

RevConnect makes it easy for you to reach out to non-active patients and bring them back into your practice. If patients are due for appointments but have not booked, staff members can run recall reports on RevConnect. These reports can help your clinic identify patients who need additional follow-up reminders.

Recare reminders can also recapture patients who have yet to make an appointment in a specific period. RevConnect’s drop-down menu allows you to specify how often certain patients should receive comprehensive exams and when to send the recare notices.

Boost Your Practice Revenue with Automated Patient Communication Tools from RevolutionEHR

Optometry practices can connect with patients through RevolutionEHR, an integrated optometry EHR that offers automated tools like RevConnect and Revintake. With the help of these platforms, you can provide your patients with optimal care and support and minimize the risk of human errors.

Request a demo of our cloud-based optometry EHR software today to discover how RevolutionEHR gives you the freedom to focus on offering the best possible patient experience.

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