E-Prescribing with RevolutionEHR


E-prescribing has become common place today in efficient health care delivery. The benefits for both patients and providers are significant – increase the accuracy of prescriptions, reduce duplications, protect patients from potentially harmful medication interactions and reduce costs.

There are several e-prescribing services in the market that EHR vendors leverage to offer some level of e-prescribing in the form of an additional software module, stand-alone source, or integration to include e-prescribing directly into the EHR product.

We know that users of a cloud-based, complete practice solution like RevolutionEHR expect a tightly integrated, highly functional e-prescribing solution – and we provide precisely that.

E-Prescribing with RevolutionEHR

Doctors of optometry have increased expectations placed upon them as the nation looks toward automating health care services and documentation. While it is possible to maintain paperbased medical practices such as medication prescribing, the objective of the government, managed health care programs and payers is to positively influence doctors toward automating medication prescribing processes.

In step with our mission, our integrated e-prescribing solution will provide you the freedom to focus on patient care instead of tedious prescription data management and documentation.

After researching several alternatives, RevolutionEHR chose RXNT as our e-prescribing partner. Like RevolutionEHR, RXNT is a cloud-based solution. It is the only stand-alone e-prescribing source that has achieved CCHIT certification, a measure of their commitment to providing doctors with 100% of the functionality necessary to meet the standards of their industry.

The RXNT integration into RevolutionEHR allows for many sophisticated relational prescribing benefits that are not available in most EHR programs. These features include:

  • Full database of drugs (brand name and generic with dosages)
  • Drug-Drug Interaction Checks
  • Drug-Allergy Interaction Checks
  • Drug-Formulary Checks (presuming that the patient’s health care coverage has already been logged in SureScripts, the national e-prescribing hub between pharmacies and eprescribing software)
  • Pharmacy database, allowing for maintenance of a doctor favorite list and patient preferred list
  • Automated Refill Notices

Our RXNT integration comes as a core capability of RevolutionEHR. You will not have to purchase an additional module from us and it will not increase your RevolutionEHR monthly access fees.

Since e-prescribing sources have their own cost structure with their customers, it needs to be noted that RXNT charges for the use of their service. As part of our due diligence, we surveyed all the e-prescribing sources in the marketplace, including those that offer e-prescribing to other optometry EHR systems and found that all of the services charge a reasonable but notable per-doctor fee for the e-prescribing capability. Each RevolutionEHR user who wishes to use the RXNT integration and become an e-prescriber must become an RxNT customer.

Return on Investment

The return on investment associated with e-prescribing via the RevolutionEHR / RXNT integration is exceedingly favorable.

Save Time

  • Avoid double entry of patient data. Patient data is automatically pulled directly from RevolutionEHR when creating an Rx via RXNT
  • Leverage electronic transmittal to pharmacies, no more faxes
  • Manage refills quickly and automatically – no more phone calls and faxes

Save Money

  • Eliminate printing of paper prescription forms
  • Eliminate special tamper resistant paper for Medicaid prescriptions
  • Receive a 2% eRx Medicare bonus through the 2010 e-prescribing initiative
  • Prepare yourself for achieving “meaningful use” for the ARRA stimulus incentives

Satisfy Your Patients

  • Reduce errors
  • Minimize risk of dangerous medication interactions
  • Streamline the process for your patients – save them a trip to drop off a paper Rx at the pharmacy
  • Position yourself as a high tech, state-of-the-art provider

RevolutionEHR has a vision of being the most trusted partner that an optometrist works with related to practice functionality. The RevolutionEHR/RXNT e-prescribing integration delivers on that vision by giving optometrists access to the highest functionality in e-prescribing and streamlining the process through a tight and seamless integration.

Download the white paper here.