Become a Healthcare Thought Leader and Boost Your Brand


  • Becoming a healthcare thought leader and raising brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and persistence to see results.
  • Posting quality content frequently goes a long way in establishing trust with your audience and boosting your brand. 
  • Creating videos, guest blogging, hosting webinars, and podcasting can make you the go-to name in optometry.
  • Taking part in live and online events and including your optometry team are sound strategies that can establish your practice as an authority voice.

As a healthcare thought leader, you’re recognized as one of the top experts in optometry. Prospective and existing patients trust you, rely on you to offer solutions, and seek out your guidance and opinion. One sure-fire way of ensuring you have a successful brand is to become a thought leader in your field.

Tips for Becoming a Healthcare Thought Leader and Growing Your Brand

There are different ways to develop an authoritative voice and take your brand to the next level. You can produce thought leadership content, create videos, and submit guest posts. Other ways to get there include hosting webinars, starting a podcast, contributing to online and live industry events, and tapping into the expertise of your seasoned team members.

Regularly Posting Valuable and Engaging Content

People wish to be entertained and informed using simple language. They don’t want to be bogged down with unnecessary, hard-to-understand content, or worse, sold to. And today’s internet users have short attention spans.

Your audience is less likely to continue reading uninteresting topics, so in your best interest to put out quality material that offers valuable information and provides solutions to readers’ problems.

Remember to add keywords your target audience search for throughout your content. Google, Yahoo, and Bing will recognize you as an authority voice and rank you at the top of relevant search results.

This will drive more traffic to your site and increase your audience’s knowledge of your practice. Done well, your blog can build trust. Providing your audience with accurate, helpful, and interesting content consistently earns you credibility. It also generates brand awareness, so prospects are more likely to choose your practice over the competition.

Creating Videos

Videos are an impactful way to deliver your message to current and potential patients. People love videos, and for good reason — videos are easy to digest. In fact, the average brain is able to process a video 60,000 times faster than text.

To create great healthcare thought leadership videos, it’s important to focus on what your audience needs. Consider their pain points and how you can solve them, and include videos with practical advice and tips or ‘how-to’ topics.

Using this effective method to get your message out helps establish you as an authority and inspires your audience to keep your practice top of mind. When they need an optometrist, they’ll call you.

Guest Blogging

guest blogging

Another powerful way to boost brand recognition is by delivering high-quality guest content. Guest blogging is a simple idea: You contribute an outstanding piece to another site in the form of an infographic, article, or video.

In return, you’ll get a backlink to your own website, which will do wonders for your brand. Getting published by another credible site showcases your expertise in front of an audience you’d otherwise not have access to.

With a strong call-to-action at the end, impressed readers will click back to your website, increasing traffic and potential patients.

Hosting Webinars

One of the most powerful ways to establish yourself as a thought leader is to conduct webinars. Attendees see webinars as opportunities to learn from experts. This puts you in a place where your audience will trust you and the brand you represent.

You can become a thought leader in your webinar by demonstrating to your viewers how your expertise can provide solutions to their problems.



In a January 2021 Digital Dial survey, 41% of Americans listened to podcasts monthly, up from 21% just five years ago. And that number is steadily increasing.

Podcasts are an excellent way to build brand awareness because they can be educational and entertaining at the same time. Regular podcasting can position you as an expert in optometry by allowing you to share your knowledge and provide value to the audience. Often, people subscribe to podcasts they’re interested in and listen to them frequently.

This helps you build trust and familiarity with listeners, which is key to increasing brand awareness. Potential patients choose a practice they feel they can trust. Once you establish yourself as an authority leader, listeners will be more inclined to trust your word.

With podcasts, you can reach people wherever they are. All your target audience needs to do is use their smartphones to listen to podcasts — in bed after a long busy day, at the gym, or while running errands.

Participating in Live and Online Industry Events

When you contribute to online and live industry events, you put yourself directly in front of a new audience. There, you can demonstrate thought leadership by sharing useful, informative, and riveting content. Doing so sets your brand apart from the rest, making you an authoritative voice worthy of attention.

Tapping Into the Expertise of Practice Providers and Staff

Thought leaders can come from various departments. For example, your eye care providers, billing and insurance specialists, and seasoned opticians can contribute their perspectives in front of the camera as podcasters, panelists, or blog writers.

Their experience and hard-earned knowledge will be invaluable in generating authentic and compelling content. Over time, your practice will become recognized as a thought leader on multiple topics.

A Final Word

Thought leadership and brand building aren’t one-and-done projects; they require consistency and time. By continuously applying these tips, you’ll ultimately earn the title of thought leader and earn recognition and respect for your brand.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader with RevolutionEHR

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