5 Creative Ideas for Optometry Social Media Posts


  • Optometry social media posts are an excellent way to boost awareness about your practice and attract more patients.
  • Facebook and Twitter are two of the most effective social media sites optometrists can use for social media marketing.
  • Using creative post ideas such as patient spotlights, how-to posts, and audience surveys keep potential patients engaged with your practice.
  • Supporting your marketing efforts with the right EHR can help you grow your practice.

Optometry social media posts are essential for any optometry practice hoping to expand its patient base and improve brand awareness. Facebook and Twitter are popular social media channels to build your presence and attract new patients. With a few creative posting ideas and the right approach to social media, your practice should experience an increase in patients and revenue.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Optometry Practices

The immense reach of social media offers a unique marketing opportunity for businesses that hope to grow their client base. 74% of people use social media to help them make a purchasing decision, whether that relates to consumer goods or healthcare services.

For optometrists, social media marketing offers a way to set themselves apart from the competition by building a trustworthy, relatable brand that patients prefer over other optometry clinics.

Social media marketing lets you connect directly with patients through video, blogs, messages, and feedback buttons. This approach helps your patients understand how your practice operates, your level of expertise, and the type of care they will receive from your practice.

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Facebook and Twitter for Optometry Marketing

As of 2022, Facebook has 2.934 billion active users, making it the world’s most popular social media platform. In the United States, a whopping 239.15 million people currently use Facebook.

Social media competitors like Instagram and Twitter are not far behind. A 2022 survey by Pew Research found that 40% of the U.S. population uses Instagram, and 23% use Twitter. This study also found that adults under 30 were much more likely to use Twitter than older Americans.

As part of your optometry marketing strategy, you should plan to use top platforms like Facebook and Twitter to bring in new patients. Both outlets can help you market your optometry practice, but each has features that make it stand out as a good choice for your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Using Facebook

Facebook is a versatile option that allows users to create:

  • A static business page with hours of operation, photos, and videos
  • Livestream videos to connect with your audience
  • Ability to crosspost blogs or newsletters from your website
  • Messaging system to answer patient questions
  • Targeted ad campaigns for your patient demographic

You can do all this through a regular Facebook account; however, Facebook also has the Facebook Meta Business Suite, designed specifically for business owners looking to drive people to their establishments. With a Facebook Meta Business Suite account, you can post to Facebook and Instagram, track insights, and create and manage ads from one location.

Benefits of Using Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that focuses on short bursts of text accompanied by pictures or videos. It only allows for 280-character posts (roughly two sentences), but hashtags are a great tool you can use to gain the attention of your target audience.

With a Twitter Business account, you can build tailored ad campaigns, share practice updates, or join in a conversation related to eye health or optometry topics. For example, you can research popular optometry hashtags such as #optometry or #eyewear and contribute to the discussion.

5 Creative Ideas for Optometry Social Media Posts

If you’re ready to get started on social media posts for your optometry practice, explore the following five creative ideas to highlight your practice, boost web traffic, and attract new patients.

1. How-to Posts

As an optometrist, you have valuable information about eye health that can benefit the public. Make the content of your How-to posts easy to read. Break large text sections into short paragraphs and include quick stats and facts that will grab people’s attention and stop them from scrolling on to the next post.

Consider using images in your How-to posts. Facebook posts that include a photo get 39% more engagement than text updates, and one study found that retweets increased 150% when a post had an image uploaded directly to Twitter.

2. Patient Spotlight

Highlight a patient’s success story with a patient spotlight post. The ideal patient spotlight includes a picture of the patient, text that sums up why you chose the patient for the spotlight, and a catchy quote, preferably from the patient about why they love your optometry practice. Video testimonials also work well for patient spotlight posts.

Patient spotlights can be a uniquely effective way to market over social media, as many people connect with faces more than words. A patient spotlight should be personal, but you can still allude to your service offerings, company culture, and success rate. Always ensure that you get written consent from your patient to publish this information.

3. Take a Poll

People love to share their opinions, so get them involved by taking a poll. You can ask a question that will yield valuable information for your practice, such as, “Have you had your eye exam this year?” Or choose something related to optometry, like, “Who wore the glasses best?” or “Does your eye color affect what you wear?”

You can easily create and post a poll on your Facebook story, company Facebook page, Instagram story, Twitter, and even LinkedIn and TikTok.

4. Share Educational Information

Social media offers optometrists a valuable opportunity to share accurate educational content. This content can raise awareness about the importance of proper eye care and regular optometry visits. Share facts about how often people should visit the optometrist and what services, like virtual eye care, set your practice apart.

Blow away the competition with health-related hashtags that increase traffic to your post, like #eyehealth, #eyedoctor, or #yearlyeyeexam. General hashtags will draw an audience, while specific hashtags help people with targeted eye health questions find accurate information.

5. Hold a Contest or Giveaway

Contests and giveaways create massive buzz for your practice. Hold your social media contest on the platform most used by your target demographic. For example, a Facebook giveaway might work for a millennial and generation X audience, while a Twitter or Instagram drawing may attract a younger demographic.

The contest prize should showcase your optometry products or services in some way. If feasible, offer a free eye exam, check-up, or item that features your practice branding, like a t-shirt or tote bag. You could also create a care package with eyecare-inspired items like relaxing eye masks or carrot-shaped stress balls.

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