RevClear: Claims Management Software Made Simple


      • Send claims in bulk to avoid time-consuming submission processes.
      • Monitor rejections to deal more efficiently with frustrating denials.
      • Keep all claim information in one spot with uploads and attachments.
      • Streamline your billing and reconcile payments with ease.

      The days of having to manually download claims to an insurance clearinghouse are long gone. If you’re a RevolutionEHR user, you no longer have to worry about manual billing and a huge margin of error for denied claims. You can simplify your insurance billing process, reduce denials, and get paid faster.

      RevClear: Claim Management Software Made Easy

      RevClear is a solution available from within RevolutionEHR that helps you streamline claims, review claims status and rejections, automate statement processing, and reduce denials.

      Here’s how RevClear can simplify your billing process.

      Electronic Claim Management

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      With RevClear, you can upload and send claims in bulk directly to the payer, all from one place, increasing processing speed and your practice’s overall efficiency. You will then be able to track the status of all your claims in real time.

      With electronic claim management from RevClear, you can:

      • Manage all of your claims in one place without logging into separate systems
      • Submit claims directly from RevolutionEHR using seamless integration
      • Process claims and get paid from the insurance company faster
      • Review rejected claims quickly and resubmit

      Integrated Statement Management

      If you’ve been practicing for a while, you remember when your staff used to process patient statements manually. Retrieving updated balances, reconciling payments, and keeping track of accounts receivable took a lot of time away from growing your optometry practice. But with an integrated statement management system, you can say goodbye to all of that wasted time.

      With RevClear, you can add statement management to your subscription to automate your statement processing. Your practice can have statements sent directly to the clearinghouse via mail or email.

      You will also be able to access claim denials from within RevolutionEHR, make changes, and resubmit. RevClear eliminates the need to log in to the clearinghouse.

      Best of all, when a payment is made, RevClear will automatically post it to the patient’s account and update their balance. You don’t have to worry about manually processing payments.

      With RevClear’s integrated statement management tool, you get:

      • Easier patient statement processing
      • Customized batch statements to mail to patients

      ERA Access and Claim Attachments

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      When you’re trying to get paid for a claim, the last thing you want is another delay. But if you don’t have all the necessary documentation, that’s exactly what will happen. With RevClear, you can upload attachments directly to the patient’s account so you have everything you need when it’s time to submit the claim.

      If you ever need to review a claim, you can easily access the electronic remittance advice (ERA) from within your EHR. By enabling communication between you and the insurance carrier, you won’t be calling repeatedly or waiting on responses. You will have all the information you need right at your fingertips to make billing and collections simpler.

      With RevClear, you can:

      • Get paid faster by submitting claims with all the necessary documentation the first time
      • Access patient ERAs from RevolutionEHR in case you miss something
      • Upload claim attachments so you have everything you need all in one spot

      Get Paid Faster with RevClear

      If you’re ready to make your insurance claim submission process easier, streamline your billing, and avoid the problems that come with denials, RevClear can help. Book a demo today to find out how RevolutionEHR can give you the freedom to focus on your patients, not your paperwork.