8 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience with RevIntake


  • Your practice saves money and time on follow-up calls and paperwork with RevIntake, a completely integrated practice management tool.
  • Improve the patient experience with RevIntake, an automated registration and scheduling platform that streamlines the intake process. 
  • Patients can make appointments through RevIntake’s online scheduling tool and complete intake forms, simplifying optometry appointments. 

Taking steps to improve the patient experience at your optometry clinic is crucial to growing your practice. Using an automated patient intake tool simplifies patient registration and scheduling, leading to a more streamlined patient experience. With the right digital intake platform, you can create a seamless patient registration process and boost your practice’s efficiency.

How RevIntake Improves the Patient Experience

RevIntake, an integrated digital intake tool from RevolutionEHR, can help you improve the patient experience at your optometry clinic. With RevIntake, patients can access convenient online scheduling features and digital intake forms to complete before they walk into your practice.

RevIntake’s efficient online registration and scheduling procedures help your clinic reduce wait times and increase patient satisfaction. A recent healthcare study found that patient satisfaction is linked to profitability in hospitals. This means that happier patients at your optometry clinic can help you see higher revenues and practice growth.

Here are eight ways that you can make your patients happier by improving the patient experience with RevIntake.

1. Digital Intake Forms

RevIntake provides convenient digital forms for patients that streamline the entire intake process. Convenience is a significant factor for attracting and keeping patients, so switching to convenient digital forms can help increase patient satisfaction.

RevIntake lets you customize registration forms for provider and appointment type and send them to patients before their eye care appointments. Automated reminders mean you never forget to send a form, and the digital process simplifies intake for your patients and staff.

Once patients complete their intake forms or update their information, your practice can upload them to their records as a PDF or through electronic documentation, depending on your subscription level.

2. Shorter Wait Times

Patients filling out forms manually in the office slows down your practice’s workflow and increases wait times for other patients. Long wait times for appointments can lead to increased patient dissatisfaction and a potential loss of revenue.

An inefficient intake process limits the number of patients you see to about 1.2 per hour. By streamlining your intake procedure and adding two extra patients per day, you can generate nearly $3,600 each month, depending on your hourly appointment charge.

Online registration forms with RevIntake reduce wait times. RevIntake allows patients to fill out registration forms at home prior to their appointments. This gives patients the freedom to take as much time as they need to fill them out without the pressure of delaying providers and other patients.

3. Convenient Scheduling

RevIntake’s online scheduling tool helps patients prioritize their eye health by allowing them to quickly and easily book appointments at a convenient time. New patients can use the online scheduling tool on your clinic’s website to book an appointment. Current patients self-schedule with their providers at times that work for them.

When patients book appointments online at their convenience, your practice is also less likely to experience no-shows, which can cost the U.S. healthcare system approximately $150 billion each year. A 2020 study found that no-show rates dropped from 25% to 11% when patients booked appointments online compared with those scheduled in person.

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4. Feedback Surveys

Patient feedback offers valuable information about your practices’ services and performance. Regularly reviewing your patients’ responses to feedback surveys and forms gives you vital insight into where your practice needs to make improvements.

RevIntake lets your practice customize patient feedback surveys to understand how to improve patient experience. Just upload a Microsoft Word or PDF document containing open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, or a combination of both to create your survey. These questions focus on patient satisfaction, and you can use these metrics to make informed decisions to adjust your practice’s workflow.

5. Better Customer Service

Researchers found that people’s first impression of doctors’ communication approach influences their judgments and may affect their relationships. They found that when the patients’ first impressions were positive, they assessed the doctors’ performance much more highly.

Optimal wait times, accurate data collection, and accessible scheduling are all vital to making a positive first impression. RevIntake lets patients schedule appointments and fill out their intake forms online to streamline your practice’s workflow. This helps make patients feel that the practice respects their time, improving patient satisfaction.

6. Cost Savings

In the healthcare industry, automation saves money. According to a 2020 Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) report, the healthcare industry could save 42% of their annual spending, nearly $16.3 billion, by automating processes. Automation could save providers an average of $29.84 for each patient encounter.

RevIntake automates scheduling and intake for higher savings for your practice. The intake tool can save you 15 minutes on each patient encounter. With the time saved on these tasks, you can see more patients and put more effort into optometry marketing to grow your practice.

RevIntake’s digital format also reduces office expenses, such as clipboards, ink, and paper, by eliminating paper-based registration processes.

7. Fewer Data Entry Errors

Due to RevIntake’s easy-to-use drop-down menus and digital format, your practice will experience fewer data entry mistakes. Your team can review appointments, forms, and insurance information in RevIntake, increasing the accuracy of patient records.

Digital intake forms let patients fill out their demographic data, medical history, and payment information before arriving at your clinic. When patients complete the form, the data automatically transfers to their records, eliminating errors and redundancy.

To further reduce errors, you can transfer updated information or treatment procedures to the corresponding fields in the patient’s record during the encounter. Real-time updates ensure patient records are up to date and minimize coding and billing mistakes that result in over or under-charging a patient.

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8. More Time with the Provider

Healthcare providers may spend 10 hours or more on administrative tasks during the week, taking time away from face-to-face interactions with patients. RevIntake’s integrated, automated features free up your staff’s time to focus on your patients instead of paperwork.

Digital registration reduces administrative tasks like data entry and organizing and filing intake papers. The tool’s online scheduling feature also minimizes the time spent making phone calls and appointment reminders, letting you greet patients and provide excellent service, leading to greater patient satisfaction.

Improve the Patient Experience at Your Practice with RevIntake

Using RevIntake helps your practice save time and money with digital intake forms and online scheduling so you can put more time and effort into interacting with patients and improving their visits.

As part of RevolutionEHR’s all-in-one optometry practice management software, RevIntake helps you deliver a seamless, convenient, and attentive patient experience with online scheduling, digital intake forms, and patient feedback surveys.

Request a demo today to find out how RevIntake gives you and your team the freedom to focus on patient satisfaction to help grow your practice.

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