5 Ways to Use RevolutionEHR to Manage Your Online Reputation


  • Most patients look at online reviews, ratings, and feedback when choosing a healthcare provider. 
  • A poor online reputation can lead to fewer patients at your practice and lower ratings, which can hurt your success in the long term.
  • Having the right tools to manage your online reputation can boost appointment numbers and help you increase patient satisfaction. 
  • RevEngage is a patient engagement tool that helps you collect and monitor feedback and communicate better for better reviews and referrals online.

For optometry practices, not managing your online reputation can lead to challenges like negative reviews slipping through the cracks or failing to promote your services effectively. With 81% of your potential patients using Google, 46% browsing Facebook, and 35% searching on YouTube for reviews and business information, any misstep in managing your online presence can push patients toward your competitors.

Fortunately, using the right tools can turn this around, making it easier to manage your reputation and showcase what makes your practice unique. Learn why your online reputation is crucial for patient satisfaction and retention and how RevEngage, an ancillary tool from RevolutionEHR, can simplify online reputation management for optometrists to attract and retain more patients.

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

For optometry clinic owners, your online reputation heavily influences patient choices. A 2021 study found that nearly 8 out of 10 people check out reviews online before picking their eye care provider. And it doesn’t stop there: Many of these folks are ready to ignore their insurance advice if they find a provider with excellent reviews.

So, what does this mean for you? Positive reviews can lead to new patients choosing your clinic, and negative reviews might scare them off. The study found that 37% of people avoid a provider due to bad reviews. This is why it’s essential to monitor your online reputation.

A better online rating draws more patients to your clinic. Even a two-star increase in ratings can boost your desirability by 10%. Managing negative reviews in healthcare to ensure your practice has a strong and positive presence online is a practical step to keep your business growing.

How RevEngage Helps You Manage Your Practice’s Online Reputation

RevEngage for optometry practices is a specialized tool that can help you streamline managing your online reputation and enhance patient engagement. It integrates seamlessly with RevolutionEHR software, offering features that allow you to manage and optimize your online reputation, including automated patient surveys and patient feedback collection.

Here are five ways RevEngage can help you get more patient reviews and manage them appropriately to keep your patients happy and your schedule full.

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1. Simplify Online Review Collection

RevEngage simplifies the collection of online reviews, star ratings, and testimonials by automating the feedback process. After each appointment, it sends customized prompts to patients, encouraging online reviews that share their experiences.

For instance, you can easily prompt more patients to leave glowing reviews by texting them a link to rate their recent visit on sites like Google. This quick boost in positive feedback helps your practice stand out online. When people search for eye care, they’ll come across all the wonderful things others have said about you, making them more inclined to pick your practice.

2. Manage Online Ratings and Reviews

Managing online ratings and reviews is crucial for maintaining a stellar online reputation, and RevEngage provides the tools to do just that. It helps you gather feedback and oversee which reviews get highlighted, ensuring that your practice’s online presence is always positive and inviting.

RevEngage also comes with built-in satisfaction metrics, allowing you to quickly track your practice’s performance. This feature gives you a clear picture of your online reputation and patient satisfaction, helping you make data-driven decisions to improve your practice’s performance and attract more patients.

3. Get Honest Patient Feedback Through Surveys

In addition to reviews and testimonials, you can use RevEngage to send feedback surveys to gain specific insights into patient experiences. Unlike public reviews, surveys provide confidential, detailed feedback, allowing you to identify what needs improvement or what’s working well. This direct line to patient sentiment enables you to make meaningful changes that increase satisfaction.

With secure two-way texting and messaging, you can also respond to patient feedback privately. This shows them you value their input, strengthening trust and loyalty. RevEngage makes turning honest feedback into actionable steps for growing your practice easier.

4. Reduce “No Shows” and Recapture Lost Revenue

RevEngage tackles the challenge of no-shows head-on, helping you save time and money with its suite of reminder tools. Features like 30-day “save the dates,” automated alerts, and traffic updates ensure your patients are well-informed and reminded of their appointments.

RevEngage’s capabilities, such as two-way texting for confirmations, recall reminders for follow-up appointments, and email campaigns for ongoing engagement, help you actively involve patients in their care. This keeps your schedule full and your revenue flowing by reducing missed appointments.

5. Reach More Patients

RevEngage broadens your reach to more patients and bolsters your online reputation by ensuring every interaction with your practice is memorable. RevEngage lets you connect with patients with personalized touches like birthday email messages and target email campaigns, which make patients feel special and appreciated.

Prompt notifications let patients know when their glasses or contacts are ready for collection, keeping them informed and connected to your practice. These considerate messages highlight your excellent service, motivating patients to share their positive experiences online.

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Advanced Features of RevEngage

Once patients choose your practice, RevEngage’s advanced features can help keep them engaged and loyal. The following tools ensure every interaction with your practice is seamless, personalized, and responsive, boosting patient satisfaction.

  • Digital waitlist messaging for efficient appointment management
  • Two-way image texting to enrich patient communication
  • Appt-based bulk messaging that optimizes outreach
  • Text message scheduling for timely reminders
  • Traffic alerts to minimize late arrivals
  • Automated voice reminders that enhance engagement
  • Provider and encounter-based messaging to personalize patient care

Master Your Practice’s Digital Footprint with RevEngage

In today’s digital environment, you need online-focused optometry practice growth strategies to stay relevant and visible to potential patients. To cultivate your eye care clinic’s digital reputation, you need a reliable, efficient service like RevEngage.

With its advanced features, from digital waitlist messaging to personalized provider communications, RevEngage allows you to focus on providing exceptional eye care — seamlessly, from within your EHR. Experience how RevolutionEHR and RevEngage can improve your patient interactions and boost your online reputation. Schedule a demo today.

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