5 Reasons Your Optometry Practice Needs RevIntake


  • Optometry practices typically involve a lot of front-office administrative work.
  • RevIntake can automate patient registration, move a practice to online patient scheduling, and introduce customizable patient surveys, eliminating wasted time and improving the patient experience.
  • RevIntake can also boost optometrists’ bottom lines through increased efficiency.

Optometrists looking to boost their revenue can do so with one easy software deployment: RevIntake. With online patient scheduling, automated patient registration and fully customizable patient surveys and reviews, RevIntake is the state-of-the-art platform that can enhance practice performance and patient experience.

Here are five improvements that RevIntake can help make in your practice.

1. Improve Efficiency

You may not be seeing as many patients as you’d like to see in a day, and the primary reason may be the time-consuming front-office procedures your staff and patients have to deal with.

Optometrists see an average of fewer than two patients per hour, according to a 2021 study in Optometry and Vision Science. But you can see this number soar by implementing tools that increase your efficiency.

Among the most important of these is RevIntake, RevolutionEHR’s state-of-the-art mobile registration, scheduling, and patient-engagement platform. RevIntake allows you to have patients complete registration paperwork from home rather than in your office just prior to their appointments. Offering this service slashes waiting time for patients, staff, and providers. And that can mean more time to see patients.

Texas-based optometrist Peter Cass told The Optometry Times that he increased his practice’s average daily number of patients to 50 by making efficiency-geared changes, chief among them the tech-backed optimization of registration.

At Cass’ practice, patients need to complete their medical history forms online before their appointments. “It is more thorough and saves us a ton of time,” Cass said.

2. Boost Productivity

Imagine the heightened productivity you’d see if you and your staff no longer had to manually enter patient data, send various forms and patient reminders, or schedule appointments. RevIntake automates all of these tasks so you get that time back.

Perhaps you’d like a chance to be able to more thoroughly prepare for each patient. Having the chance to read about a patient’s eye-care history and needs prior to their visits — particularly a first visit — can offer you a huge advantage and potentially save even more time during the visit itself.

Or maybe you’d like more time for you and your staff to work on marketing for your business. It will be time well spent; businesses with robust marketing initiatives attract more foot traffic than those without these practices in place.

No matter how you choose to use this extra time, you can be sure to have more of it when you’re using RevIntake.

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3. Increase Accuracy

Humans are notoriously prone to error, and the quality of their handwriting varies significantly from individual to individual. So when it comes to crucial health and insurance information, why rely on patient guesses and ballpoint pens when you can have RevIntake take care of it all accurately — and far more quickly?

Among the most “common sources of written communication errors” in medical practice settings are “non-standard abbreviations and illegible handwriting,” according to Medical Error Reduction and Prevention. RevIntake’s automatic patient registration feature removes the possibility of incorrectly filled-in fields as well as the misinterpretation of words and numbers.

In health care, errors are more than a nuisance; they can be a danger. If they are allowed into your system at the outset, they can make their way into later documentation, where they may prove detrimental to a patient.

4. Enhance Patient Experience

You’ve probably yet to meet a patient who was excited about any of the following:

  • Filling out paperwork
  • Waiting past their scheduled exam or fitting times
  • Waiting after their visit to settle their bill or make their next appointment

These days, people everywhere are overbooked, overworked, and harried, and your patients will appreciate any time you can save them or processes you can expedite.

RevIntake will help get your patients out the door and on with their busy schedules sooner and will improve the experience they have while they’re with you.

They won’t have to be bothered with clipboards as soon as they arrive because they will have completed online intake forms prior to coming in. They’ll be seen sooner because your workflow will have improved dramatically, keeping appointments starting on time. You’ll know more about their histories the minute you meet because you’ll have received their information earlier.

This will increase their confidence in you as a medical professional, raising the likelihood that they will recommend you to friends, family, and coworkers for eye care. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

For good publicity that comes almost as close, RevIntake’s customizable patient surveys can’t be beat. The majority of patients read online reviews before choosing a healthcare provider, according to a 2020 study.

Let us help you craft easy-to-fill-out, mobile-optimized surveys so you can turn happy patients’ feedback into stellar reviews for online platforms — and see your patient roster boom. 

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5. Boost Your Bottom Line

See your revenue rise, too, as you let RevIntake do much of the front-office work for you and your staff so you can see more patients each day.

You don’t have to work yourself to the bone for your finances to benefit. As Senior Editor Alex Delaney-Gesing writes in the previously mentioned Optometry Times article, “With the average income per patient visit around $300 — eye exams being the biggest revenue generator — adding just two more patients per day can increase an OD’s monthly gross to $12,000, and lead to an average net of $3,600 each month.”

RevIntake’s online patient scheduling feature can save you money by reducing no-shows. Patients who make appointments but don’t keep them cost the U.S. healthcare industry $150 billion annually in time and resources.

Slash your optometry practice’s portion of this wasted money by letting patients schedule their own appointments online, which research shows they are much more likely to keep than those they scheduled in-person or via more traditional methods.

See How RevolutionEHR and RevIntake Can Benefit Your Practice

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