Save 15 Minutes per Patient With RevIntake Patient Intake Software


  • Accelerate your intake process with RevIntake patient intake software.
  • Reduce mistakes and incomplete information by allowing patients to fill out forms at their convenience.
  • Customize intake forms and collect all the data you need prior to the patient’s appointment.
  • Dedicate more time to the encounter itself by eliminating complex office paperwork.

Patient intake can be one of the most time-consuming parts of your practice, especially if patients need to fill out new patient paperwork or submit updated insurance information. Luckily, patient intake software like RevIntake is designed to help. RevIntake is patient registration software that works within RevolutionEHR to save optometry staff 15 minutes per patient per visit.

Patient Intake Process Overview

When patients schedule a visit, they receive a text or an email allowing them to complete their intake forms. This includes any new patient paperwork, updated insurance information, and consent forms. The forms are then automatically populated into the RevolutionEHR software, so your staff can review them before the patient arrives.

If you’re using RevIntake Premium, you will have access to an additional feature that allows for data flow into the patient record. This means that most information collected during the intake process will automatically populated into RevolutionEHR. This saves your staff even more time and ensures that all necessary information is collected for each patient.

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Patient Experience

From the patient’s perspective, the entire process is seamless and easy to understand. The text or email contains a welcome message, appointment details, your office location, and a link to fill out their intake paperwork.

Following this link leads patients to all forms without the need to download an app. They can complete the forms at their convenience via a secure mobile site or full desktop site, and they’re automatically submitted securely to your practice.

Even if your patient ignores your communications or forgets to fill out their intake forms, you can connect a mobile device in the office to your RevolutionEHR system that allows patients to fill out the forms when they arrive for their appointment. This streamlines the check-in process, even if they have to do it onsite at the last minute.

Customizable Intake Forms

The patient experience is fully customizable by provider as well as appointment type to create a unique registration form. You can choose the look and feel of your forms, the questions asked, and how the data is collected. RevIntake is dynamic enough to allow questionnaire customizations, so even if your practice is complex, every patient will receive a questionnaire tailored to their appointment type and specific need to be seen.


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Survey after survey has found that patients prefer the convenience of online scheduling. RevolutionEHR includes a user-friendly scheduling tool that you can easily add to your website so patients can schedule their appointments at their convenience. This feature also allows you to collect your patients’ insurance information at the time of scheduling.

Offering your patients the convenience of online scheduling is a great way to attract new patients and meet the needs of those you already have. Offering this self-service option to patients will also reduce your staff’s administrative burden.


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RevolutionEHR is also committed to a great provider experience. Your RevIntake dashboard will display a list of the patients your office expects to arrive each day, along with their appointment type, appointment time, contact number, and whether or not they completed the intake forms before their visit.

You can quickly and easily see which patients have yet to fill out their forms, and you’re given the option to re-send a reminder text or email directly from the RevIntake dashboard. This helps with patient data management and ensures that all patients are prepared for their appointments, saving you valuable time.


The reporting section of the RevIntake dashboard lets you see metrics detailing the percentage of patients who open, complete, and resubmit these forms to you. This helps you identify any areas that may need improvement so you can optimize the patient intake process.

Seamless Connections

Integrating patient intake with EHR provides seamless connections to the entire system. Within the RevolutionEHR portal and contained in the patient record, the Interview History section will indicate the document source as RevIntake when you integrate the solution. This allows you to view all patient forms, review them before the encounter, and transfer any custom answers to their corresponding fields in the RevolutionEHR system.

Patient Surveys

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In addition to collecting patient intake forms, RevIntake offers an optional patient survey feature. This allows you to collect post-visit patient feedback about their experience with your office, staff, and provider.

The surveys are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your practice. You can choose the frequency at which surveys are sent, the type of questions asked, and how the data is collected.

This feedback is valuable in helping you improve the patient experience and identify any areas needing improvement.

Benefits of Using Patient Intake Software

We’ve all heard the correlation of time with money. When patients have a lot of paperwork to fill out, they often run over their appointment time, meaning you have to build that time back into your schedule or reduce the number of patients you can see.

Giving your patients time to fill these forms out at their leisure can reduce errors and incomplete information, leading to fewer follow-up calls or less time spent chasing down that information to get claims submitted and invoices paid.

RevIntake can prevent this domino effect. It can also:

  • Optimize the patient intake process
  • Offer customizable intake forms for healthcare
  • Save time during the check-in process
  • Streamline communications and secure patient data management
  • Increase practice efficiency
  • Improve patient experience
  • Collect valuable feedback

RevIntake is an invaluable tool for any optometry practice. If you’re looking for a way to save time, increase efficiency, and improve the patient experience, RevIntake is the solution for you. Book a demo today to find out how we give you the freedom to focus on what matters most: your patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions About RevIntake

Q: What is RevolutionEHR RevIntake?

A: RevIntake is an add-on feature for RevolutionEHR designed to make your life easier. It’s a patient intake tool that seamlessly integrates with your existing system, cutting down patient check-in time by about 15 minutes per patient per visit.

Q: How does RevIntake work?

A: When patients book an appointment, they’ll receive a text or email link to fill out their intake forms. Once completed, these forms automatically update in RevolutionEHR for your team to review.

Q: Is RevIntake secure?

A: As part of RevolutionEHR, RevIntake adheres to HIPAA privacy laws and includes SHA-256 encryption features to safeguard patient data against unauthorized access. This ensures secure transmission and storage of patient information.

Q: Can I customize the forms in RevIntake?

A: Yes! RevIntake offers flexible customization options. For example, you can design distinct forms for routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, or emergency visits, tailoring them to suit various appointment types and the specific needs of your patients.

Q: How does RevIntake save time?

A: RevIntake automates the entire patient intake process. It handles tasks like gathering patient information, medical history, and insurance details electronically, giving your staff more time to focus on delivering quality care and a smoother patient experience.

Q: Is RevIntake compatible with other EHR systems?

A: RevIntake is purpose-built for seamless integration with RevolutionEHR, guaranteeing smooth data sharing and efficient workflows within the system.

Q: Can patients use RevIntake on mobile devices?

A: Your patients can easily complete forms on their mobile devices through a secure mobile website. The platform is designed for a user-friendly experience, making the process quick and straightforward.

Q: What if a patient forgets to complete the intake forms?

A: RevIntake lets you send friendly reminder texts or emails from the dashboard. If patients forget, they can easily complete the forms on-site using a RevolutionEHR-connected device, ensuring a smooth check-in process.

Q: Does RevIntake support practices with multiple locations?

A: RevIntake is an ideal choice for practices with multiple locations. It seamlessly integrates with RevolutionEHR, efficiently managing data across various practice sites for consistency and ease of use.

Q: What is the cost of RevolutionEHR and RevIntake?

A: We offer subscription pricing based on the number of providers in your practice. We also offer add-on services like RevIntake so you pay only for the features you use and none that you don’t. To get the most accurate pricing information that aligns with your practice’s specific needs, we recommend scheduling a demo with a RevolutionEHR Specialist for a customized quote.

Q: Can I generate reports in RevIntake?

A: Yes. In RevIntake’s dashboard, you’ll find a dedicated reporting section that allows you to monitor essential metrics, such as form completion rates, providing valuable insights for your practice

Q: Is training provided for using RevIntake?

A: RevolutionEHR provides thorough training and support through customer contact specialists, on-demand webinars, and training videos so your team can effectively use RevIntake for streamlined patient intake and management.

Q: Does RevIntake handle insurance verification?

A: RevIntake aids in verifying insurance by securely collecting patient insurance information during intake. However, it doesn’t verify coverage on its own. You may need to pair with PracticePal through REvolutionEHR for complete insurance verification.

Q: Is there a trial period for RevIntake?

A: To obtain information about trial periods or demo options, contact RevolutionEHR for comprehensive details and support.

Q: How do I get started with RevIntake?

A: Once you’ve selected RevIntake, the RevolutionEHR team will provide step-by-step assistance in setting up your system. This includes customizing forms and providing comprehensive staff training to ensure a smooth start.