8 Ways To Use Your Optometry EHR To Find Time in Each Day

The right optometry EMR or EHR allows you to run an efficient and successful practice and deliver an exceptional patient experience.  When used to eliminate redundant data entry, automate front-office tasks, and streamline workflows, a modern optometry EHR lets every member of your practice get more done in less time.

Here, we’ll show you eight ways to use your optometry EMR to find extra time in each day.

1. Automate Appointment Reminders

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Front office tasks such as calling patients one at a time to remind them about upcoming appointments require a lot of time and effort. With integrated EHR software, staff can automate bulk patient appointment reminders and send them in a matter of seconds, eliminating the need to phone patients individually each day.

2. Implement Online Scheduling

Using an EHR with online scheduling capabilities cuts down on phone calls, freeing your staff to spend more time on other tasks. Your patients will love the convenience of booking their appointments online; according to the 2021 PatientPop Patient Perspective Survey, over 60% of patients prefer to schedule online with their healthcare providers.

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3. Offer Electronic Payment Options

Entering patient medical billing details manually is time consuming and prone to errors. If your EHR allows electronic payment options, it may also automatically post those payments to the patient ledger, saving time initially and reducing errors that create more wasted time later.

4. Simplify Insurance Processing

Insurers use even the smallest errors to deny claims, and reworking those claims takes time. An integrated EHR with insurance processing features such as an autocoding engine and integrated clearinghouse will improve the accuracy of your claims submissions, saving time by making billing faster and significantly reducing denials.

5. Use Integrated Prescription Tools

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If your practice is still using paper prescriptions or phoning prescriptions to opticians and pharmacies, you’re wasting valuable time. An optometry EHR with built-in optical and pharmaceutical e-Prescribing features ensures legible details and faster retrieval of information, saving time up front and reducing communication from opticians and pharmacists due to illegible handwriting or human error.

Seamless e-prescribing allows prescribers to check, authorize, and submit prescription refills faster, all from within your optometry EHR.

6. Create Custom Templates for Routine Tasks

Running an optometry practice can often involve redundant text entry. Modern EHRs have made it easy to create and customize templates based on standard visit types and communication needs.

Templates allow you to streamline your documentation workflow and get back valuable hours of lost time. You can create customized templates for exams, patient communication, and many other routine tasks.

7. Automate Report Generation

If your practice management software has reporting capabilities, you can track practice metrics, such as no-shows and patient outcomes, with little effort. You can also automate MIPS quality reporting, saving hours of staff time needed to gather data for CMS.

8. Store All Your Practice Data in One Place

Today’s integrated EHRs are designed to store all practice information in one place, increasing practice efficiency. With patient records right at their fingertips, all members of your practice will see an upswing in productivity.

With the right EHR, your staff won’t spend time pulling patients’ charts or chasing down billing information. If your EHR features an all-in-one dashboard, your staff won’t need to check a separate app or speak to another staff member to confirm follow-up appointments, check on insurance benefits, or answer patients’ questions.

Consider Switching to an Integrated Optometry EHR Practice Management Solution

Inefficiencies in your practice waste time and hurt your bottom line. If your optometry EHR doesn’t include features designed to save your practice time on repetitive tasks, it may be time to consider a modern, fully integrated practice management software solution like RevolutionEHR.

Find More Time in Each Day with RevolutionEHR

RevolutionEHR combines all the functions your practice needs in a seamlessly integrated solution that’s packed with time-saving features, all accessible from an at-a-glance dashboard.

RevolutionEHR’s built-in time-saving features include:

  • Online scheduling
  • Customizable exam encounters, referral letters, patient education materials, and care plans
  • Accounting integration with available electronic payment options
  • Simplified insurance claims management with autocoding engine and integrated clearinghouse
  • Seamless Optical Rx and ePrescribing features
  • Robust query engine for customizable report generation
  • All-in-one system with instant data syncing

RevolutionEHR, the leading cloud-based optometry EHR, can give you the freedom to focus on your patients while saving your practice time and money.

To find out how RevolutionEHR can help you find extra time in each day, request a demo today.