8 Reasons Why Optometrists Recommend RevolutionEHR


  • According to a TechValidate survey, there are multiple reasons why optometrists recommend RevolutionEHR to other providers. 
  • Top reasons optometrists recommend RevolutionEHR include excellent customer support, ease of use, and all-in-one functionality.
  • RevolutionEHR offers optometrists an EHR system that streamlines practice management and increases efficiency for increased revenue and improved patient experience.

RevolutionEHR recently asked customers to name their top reasons for recommending the EHR and practice management software to other optometrists. According to a TechValidate survey, optometrists recommend RevolutionEHR for several reasons, including its user-friendly, all-in-one platform and excellent customer support.

1. “Easy To Use”

A consistent reason that customers recommend RevolutionEHR’s optometry practice management software is that it’s user-friendly. Multiple respondents indicated that they prefer RevolutionEHR over other optometry EHR products.

One respondent said, “RevolutionEHR is easy to use and teach how to use.” A customer from Family Eye Care in Toccoa offered, “RevolutionEHR is very easy to use, updates are always easy to learn. Compared to other EHR systems I have used in the past, RevolutionEHR is superior.”

RevolutionEHR uses built-in features, like drop-down boxes and customizable templates that make learning and using the system a breeze. RevolutionEHR is intuitive, and its cloud-based platform offers automatic updates that make it a cinch to operate.

2. “It Does Everything”

More than one optometrist relayed that RevolutionEHR handled “everything” relating to EHR and practice management at their office. One respondent said, “It has almost everything we need in one place to manage our practice and patient care effectively,” and another said, “It does everything I need and does it well.”

With integrated optometry EHR software like RevolutionEHR, it’s no surprise that this is a top benefit touted by providers. RevolutionEHR and its ancillary services like RevConnect and RevPayments cover all the bases of optometry practice management and EHR. It is an all-in-one service that does everything from one log-in from any location.

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3. “Good training videos and great customer service”

Optometrists love RevolutionEHR’s customer service support and training, which make the system easy to use. One client mentions that “the live chat and customer service makes getting questions answered easy.” The compliments continue with customers saying, “The customer service is fantastic” and “great program and customer service.”

RevolutionEHR offers its customers multiple methods of contacting representatives for support. All of our customer specialists have optometry backgrounds, so they know how to help with optometry EHR-related issues.

We also provide a range of support materials for customers, including:

4. “Most reliable”

When looking for optometry practice management software, most providers want reliable software that won’t break down, have security issues, or require constant (and costly) updates. One respondent said of RevolutionEHR, “I have tried multiple EHR software programs in many clinical settings and I find this the easiest and most reliable.”

RevolutionEHR is a reliable and secure software choice for your practice. We offer secure password features and timeout functions to ensure unauthorized users can’t access your practice data. Our cloud-based operating system offers multiple security advantages over on-premise software and keeps patient data in HIPAA-compliant storage.

TechValidate survey results also showed that 55% of customers had a better experience with the system than paper-based record-keeping, and 54% said it made regulatory requirements easier.

5. “Helped our optometry practice achieve”

One satisfied RevolutionEHR customer said, “We have grown with RevolutionEHR and appreciate what it has helped our optometry practice achieve. We appreciate the way they listen to our needs and are very available and communicative.”

With our optometrist-first focus, integrated platform, and scalable software, it’s no surprise that boosted efficiency and growth are why customers recommend our system.

We offer multiple pricing packages to meet the needs of all practices, including conversion from PMS or EHR and per-month, per-doctor pricing. You can add on ancillary programs like RevAspire to streamline CMS reporting or RevClear to automate insurance processing, so you only pay for what you need.

6. “Optometry specific”

Some optometry practice management software is designed by people with no background in the eyecare industry. These platforms may offer some useful functions, but they may struggle to meet the needs of your optometry practice.

Current RevolutionEHR customers recommend the software because it is “optometry specific” and “forward thinking.” This is likely due to the fact that RevolutionEHR was founded by two optometrists in 2006 who had the vision to create an all-in-one platform for optometry-specific tasks.

With RevolutionEHR, you can create customizable notes for exam encounters, enter optometric-specific care codes, and handle ordering and inventory from eyecare partners.

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7. “Customizations and integrations are great”

Optometrists recommend RevolutionEHR for its customizable and integrated features. One survey respondent said, “RevolutionEHR is an excellent cloud-based EHR. The customizations and integrations are great.”

With RevolutionEHR, you can use customizable macros to accurately and swiftly fill in SOAP notes, treatment plans, and test results. With features like RevConnect, you can communicate with patients through customizable forms and email templates to help with optometry marketing.

RevolutionEHR’s integration means all features seamlessly work together, including ancillary products such as RevPayments. 93% of surveyed customers who subscribed to RevPayments did so because of its integration with RevolutionEHR. 54% of customers who use RevolutionEHR saw improved staff coordination due to the software’s integrated features.

8. “Well-designed system with better features”

RevolutionEHR showcases a seamless design with a range of optometry-specific features. One optometrist said, “It is a well-designed system with better features than I have seen in other EHR software platforms.”

The intuitive user interface and easy-to-learn system help optometrists take advantage of the platform’s many useful, targeted features, including:

  • Customizable exam encounters
  • View historical exam data
  • Customizable test findings and default standard settings
  • Integrated optical prescription creation
  • Customizable CPT triggers
  • Claims submissions via integrated clearinghouses
  • SHA-256 encryption (HIPAA compliant)
  • Product/service catalog
  • Integrated secure patient messaging
  • Tablet, iPad, MAC, or PC
  • Orders, inventory, bar code scanning
  • VisionWeb integration, FRAMESData integration, EyeDock integration, VSP Billing Estimator

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