Introducing RevBilling, the Latest in Optometry Billing


  • Optometry billing can be time-consuming and costly for providers handling administrative tasks on their own. 
  • Having access to a team of optometry billing experts for support can simplify billing and insurance and help you grow your practice. 
  • RevBilling, an ancillary billing solution for RevolutionEHR, helps you streamline optometry billing to increase revenue and save valuable time.

As an optometry provider, you may be spending too much time on in-house optometry billing tasks like ledger reconciliation and claims submissions. Shifting these processes to a team of optometry billing specialists can reduce errors and claims denials and give you more time to focus on patients.

RevBilling, a new add-on solution from RevolutionEHR, offers a customized solution to optometry billing through a team of experts who handle claims management, billing, and customer service for your practice.

Why You Need an Integrated Optometry Billing Solution

As an optometrist and business owner, you have fulfilled several roles in your practice, including claims and billing specialist. You may spend up to 4-1/2 hours per day performing administrative tasks in your EHR system, such as patient data entry, billing, and insurance claims management.

These tasks may leave little time to spend with patients, reducing your revenue and hindering the growth of your practice. Even if you hire in-house staff, you must spend time training them on claims and billing processes and be there to handle complications that arise.

With an integrated billing solution that works directly with your existing optometry practice management software, you can save time, effort, and money on billing and claims management. RevBilling lets you hand over the process to a team of optometry billers once you’ve entered an invoice, freeing you up to see additional patients.

RevBilling will also save you money — the average improperly coded claim costs doctors an average of $30.

Introducing RevBilling for Optometry Practices

RevBilling is an innovative billing solution that integrates with your RevolutionEHR practice management software to give you an all-in-one platform. RevBilling helps you successfully operate your optometry business and improve your cash flow.

Through RevBilling, you partner with a team of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) professionals who are committed to ensuring that your practice receives payment for your optometry services. The service is a one-stop billing and claims management solution for your eyecare practice that works directly with your existing software for a streamlined experience.

RevBilling offers several critical features and benefits to provide effective, transparent, and HIPAA-compliant billing, including:

Free Consultation to Get Started

In-house billing can make it challenging to pinpoint where cash-flow problems are occurring and why your practice may be losing money. With RevBilling, you receive a free initial consultation with financial specialists to analyze your current revenue cycle and financial health.

This helps identify where problematic issues occur, including aging reports, breakdown percentages, and credentialing. RevBilling is a customized platform, so during the consultation, your billing specialist can help you understand unique solutions for your practice and discuss add-on pricing.

Timely Collections

Your practice cash flow depends on timely insurance submissions and patient payments. Delayed claims stall cash flow and make it difficult to keep accurate ledgers for your practice.

RevBilling makes it easy to submit and collect on insurance claims, which lowers your overall administration costs. The RevBilling claims team performs claims cycle management with software that processes claims through automated clearinghouses to ensure timely submissions and collections. The process increases your reimbursement rate and improves your practice’s bottom line.

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Team of Billing Experts

In-house billing can result in increased claim denials due to coding mistakes, ignored encounter forms, and discarded superbills. With RevBilling, you benefit from a team of financial professionals who can ensure consistent reimbursement and positive cash flow while maintaining transparent work practices.

RevBilling allows you to communicate in real time with your RCM team to ensure that your optometry practice is meeting its financial goals.

Streamlined Accounts Receivable Follow-Up

RevBilling helps you streamline optometry billing by handling your AR follow-up tasks. Our specialists help you collect insurance AR, reconcile reimbursements with your ledgers, and resolve outstanding or denied claims in real time. This saves you and your staff the hassle of investigating AR accounts, resubmitting claims, and following up for days or weeks to ensure the AR is paid.

No Interruptions in Billing Processing

An unfortunate aspect of hiring billing and claims specialists at your practice is dealing with performance interruptions due to staff turnover, sick time, and vacation. RevBilling eliminates these interruptions that negatively impact your billing processing.

Our billing and claims team will handle your claims consistently and on time, preventing interruptions in cash flow. Your team of specialists is always available, so your billing and claims tasks never have to wait for processing.

Access to Comprehensive Analytics

RevBilling gives you access to comprehensive in-house analytics provided by RevolutionEHR. Because your software vendor provides these analytics, they improve transparency and financial accountability at your practice. You can use them to drive results and improve your practice’s financial performance by understanding trends and adapting processes as needed.

Analytics capabilities include tracking your practice’s inventory and sales, outstanding balances, revenue, and overhead costs. Customized reporting and dashboards let you see how your optometry business is performing in multiple areas so you can put your focus where you can see maximum growth.

Weekly Claims Reviews

Regularly monitoring your practice’s financial health can ensure that you are meeting your revenue targets. With RevBilling, you receive a weekly wrap-up of filed claims for your practice, including when and where they’re sent. Keeping track of the results of these submissions helps resolve denials quickly to maximize your cash flow. It can also help you identify common claims errors so you can reduce denials and see increased reimbursements.

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Streamline Optometry Billing with RevBilling

RevBilling can help your practice thrive by taking care of your optometry billing and claims management. Through RevBilling, a team of billing and claims revenue specialists can ensure timely claims submissions, follow up on denials and reimbursements, and make adjustments to your patient ledgers so you can spend more time with your patients and less on administrative tasks.

Book a demo with RevolutionEHR today and ask about a free consultation. Learn how RevBilling will give you the freedom to focus on running your practice more efficiently with increased profitability.

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