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  • RevolutionEHR optometry practice management software helps you show your love by simplifying workflows so you and your staff can provide better patient care.
  • Rethink your love language with patients through optimized patient engagement features that boost awareness of your practice. 
  • Share the love with your staff by giving them more efficient and streamlined practice management features.

Redefine your love language of quality optical care to staff and patients with RevolutionEHR’s optometry practice management software. RevolutionEHR comes with customizable features that give you and your employees the freedom to deliver personalized care and attention to your patients.

9 Optometry Practice Management Software Features That Show Your Patients You Care

RevolutionEHR allows you to optimize patient care and treatment by integrating automated functions and customizable features into your optometry EHR. The platform streamlines workflows and simplifies insurance and regulatory reporting to help you stay compliant. Taking advantage of these features in RevolutionEHR can help you boost the quality of care you give to your patients, elevating patient satisfaction (and boosting your bottom line!).

1. Personalized Exam Encounters

The built-in templates in RevolutionEHR enable optometrists to quickly generate appointment documents, such as SOAP notes, during patient encounters. Practitioners can see patient histories and complete treatment notes using the static encounter buttons at the top of each patient encounter file.

After concluding a patient appointment, you can download a printable clinical summary to provide patients with valuable health information to understand their treatment plans. This empowers your patient to play an integral role in their eye health and simplifies your practice’s workflow so staff can provide higher-quality patient care.

2. Secure Patient Access

Positive doctor-patient relationships are vital to improving healthcare outcomes. When patients know their sensitive health and insurance data is secure, they are more likely to trust their doctors and follow their treatment plans.

RevolutionEHR provides SHA-256 encrypted HIPAA-compliant access to optometric history and results from previous eye health checks and cataract screenings to help you better understand your patient’s condition. The results let you identify prior assessments and the outcomes of previous treatments. This information can help you and your patients make better-informed decisions about maintaining optimal eye health with a treatment plan.

3. Care Plan Library

You can expedite care plans and protocols to boost efficiency and improve your patient experience with RevolutionEHR’s care plan library. Select from several care plan templates to enter notes in the software. The templates allow you to customize care plan items by adding or removing items so you can quickly write detailed care plan notes.

These notes help you to coordinate care with your patients’ other medical providers and direct their treatment plans, such as referring patients for a cataract consultation. This allows your patients to benefit from a holistic treatment plan and avoid repetitive, costly testing.

4. Preconfigured Communication Templates

Share the love with staff as well as patients with RevolutionEHR’s communication templates. These templates save your staff time by allowing them to remind patients about their upcoming appointments, provide them with exam summaries, and follow up on collecting payments without time-consuming phone calls and voice messages.

The templates save you time when developing letters and other documents, so you and your staff can focus on promoting services to keep your practice at the top of your patients’ minds. It’s easy to fill in the blanks on the template with your practice logo and data from your patient’s encounters before you print and send.

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5. Digital Intake Forms

RevolutionEHR helps you do away with time-consuming, inconvenient paper intake forms at your practice. With RevIntake, you can create a smooth patient intake experience, so they feel taken care of from the day of their first appointment.

The tool lets you send easy-to-complete digital intake forms to new patients so they can fill them out before they arrive. Current patients can correct or update information before their visits. This streamlines registration and frees up your staff to provide top-level customer service at the front desk.

RevIntake lets you send personalized automated reminders for appointments and offers a user-friendly scheduling app so patients can book their next eye exam. You can also send patient surveys through the platform, allowing your patients to provide feedback online so they feel heard and appreciated.

6. Seamless Billing and Claims Process

Behind-the-scenes aspects of running your practice, like billing and insurance, significantly impact your ability to provide excellent patient care. RevolutionEHR simplifies billing and claims processing and reduces errors that cause miscommunication or hassle for patients.

With RevPayments, an add-on payment service, works within RevolutionEHR to help you provide fast and convenient payment methods for your patients to improve their overall experience. This platform centralizes payment processing. The tool also takes credit cards, online payments, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, letting your patients pay at the time of service in a way that works best for them.

8. Personalized Messaging

Revolution lets you connect directly with patients through personalized emails and text messages, so they feel cared for even when they aren’t in your practice. With RevConnect, you can send automated appointment reminders, birthday greetings, and order status updates through SMS messages or email based on patient preferences.

RevConnect allows you to create educational email campaigns or send important updates on your practice policies or services, so your patients stay informed. This tool also lets you share special discounts or offers with returning or new patients, which can boost their care experience and help them feel connected to you and your staff between visits.

9. Inventory Management

RevolutionEHR includes an inventory management system that lets you check and reconcile your optometric product inventory in your office. You can manage patient orders, scan barcodes, and print labels in one system. For example, if a patient wants frames from a specific eyewear brand, you can run a specialized search in your inventory to find all suitable eyeglasses in stock.

When a patient’s order is overdue, you can run a report that shows every outstanding order. You can then track the order in the system to determine what caused the delay and inform the patient. This report helps alleviate stress and anxiety for the patient waiting for their order, delivering a better service experience.

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Redefine Love at Your Practice with RevolutionEHR Optometry Practice Management Software

Offering attentive customer service, convenient intake and scheduling processes, and optimal practice management to your patients is an excellent way to show you care. RevolutionEHR supports all aspects of practice management, creating an easygoing, comfortable environment for patients, staff, and providers. RevolutionEHR ensures your optometry practice runs smoothly and lets you focus more on your patients.

Request a demo today to find out how RevolutionEHR gives you the freedom to focus on patient experience and provide optimal year-round care.

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