Streamline Contact Lens Orders, Elevate Patient Experience with SmartFLOW


  • Streamlining your practice’s contact lens orders can boost efficiency and improve patient experience. 
  • SmartFLOW, an ancillary service from RevolutionEHR, simplifies vision product orders for a better workflow.
  • SmartFLOW partners with multiple vendors and uses automated processes to speed up contact lens ordering.
  • With SmartFLOW as part of your RevolutionEHR package, you can free up more time to focus on your patients.

The process of contacting suppliers to order products for your optometric practice can be tedious when you must also manage patient care and other administrative tasks. Using a specialized vision product ordering service to place your contact lens orders directly to popular vendors can automate order placement, shipping, and billing processes.

SmartFLOW for Sight, a free add-on service from RevolutionEHR, helps you streamline contact lens ordering and enhance your practice’s patient experience.

What is SmartFLOW?

SmartFLOW for Sight is a free product ordering service add-on that works with RevolutionEHR’s optometric practice management system. SmartFLOW connects your practice directly with vision correction product suppliers like Hoya, CooperVision, and ABB Optical Group. SmartFLOW eliminates the need for multiple ordering portals, resulting in a more efficient method of processing contact lens orders.

With SmartFLOW, you can instantly verify contact order parameters using the contact lens catalogs provided by RevolutionEHR’s product partners and see the current product pricing. You can also receive automatic and real-time updates on order status directly from the vendor.

SmartFLOW offers unparalleled efficiency and speed for ordering contacts and other vision products, eliminates double entries, and increases order accuracy for better patient service.

How SmartFLOW Streamlines Contact Lens Orders

With SmartFLOW, you can order contact lenses from multiple suppliers all in one system. Once you verify the contact lens parameters and confirm the order, it lets you track the order status in real time and automatically updates the status in RevolutionEHR.

Automatic Checking of Contact Lens Parameters

You can enter products for inventory easily with SmartFLOW, making it easier to check all parameters before placing orders. SmartFLOW offers a list of options associated with a specific product type that staff members can search for when ordering contacts. All contact lens products supplied by RevolutionEHR’s manufacturers and vendors include SmartFLOW IDs, lens types, and models.

When you select a prescription for a contact lens product, the SmartFLOW-configured contact lens products will auto-populate the parameter information. You can change the value of fields with multiple values, such as two base curves, using the arrows beside them.

If you have products not offered by one of RevolutionEHR’s product partners, you can enter contact lens products in the inventory’s product section to associate them with a SmartFLOW ID. This can help you take advantage of the preconfigured parameters for any contact lenses.

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Order Through Multiple Contact Lens Suppliers

SmartFLOW connects with multiple contact lens suppliers, allowing you to seamlessly create orders for your patients’ lenses. SmartFLOW partners include:

  • ABB Optical Group
  • CooperVision
  • Hoya
  • E-dr.
  • OOGP
  • Twelve 84
  • WVA (Wisconsin Vision Associates)

When ordering, you can select the supplier’s name and the packaging from the dropdown menu.

If the contact lens product comes in various colors for a prescription, you can choose the appropriate one. You can also batch all your orders together to help you speed up order fulfillment and inventory management. Upon request, the supplier can directly deliver the product to a patient.

RevolutionEHR can validate specific orders before it updates the order’s approved status. It can check if you or a staff member did not choose the lens power, vendor, packaging, and color, if available. SmartFLOW can also indicate if the contact lens product has not been associated with SmartFLOW.

Receive Real-Time Status Updates

Once you press the Transmit button, SmartFLOW sends the order directly to the contact lens manufacturer. It can update you in real time and check the order status from the supplier. SmartFLOW automatically updates the order status on your behalf in case of a status change.

Elevating the Patient Experience With SmartFLOW and RevolutionEHR

Your optometric practice benefits from SmartFLOW with the ease of order fulfillment and direct delivery to patients. It saves time on order entry for your practice and satisfies your patients to ensure a great delivery experience.

SmartFlow works as an integrated add-on with RevolutionEHR’s integrated optometry practice management software to elevate your patient experience in the following ways.

Faster Delivery and Processing

People expect timely deliveries of their products. When they don’t receive them within that timeline, they may become dissatisfied with your practice’s customer service. Delivery speed is a major factor for over one-quarter of abandoned orders, with pricing coming second. SmartFLOW offers optometric practices the ability to provide streamlined, expedited shipping experiences to their patients.

You can request suppliers to deliver orders directly to your patients, allowing them to save time and money rather than pick up their orders in person. When you offer convenient delivery services to your patients, they can also help you generate more profits and stay competitive with online optical retailers.

Integration with Optometry Practice Management Software

SmartFLOW integrates seamlessly with RevolutionEHR to create an inclusive optometric practice management software. With RevolutionEHR, your can manage your entire practice from one central platform with additional services like:

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Streamline  Contact Lens Orders for a Better Patient Experience with RevolutionEHR

Choosing the right optometry EHR and practice management software will help you improve patient care and satisfaction. With RevolutionEHR, you can streamline your entire optometry practice’s workflow with an all-in-one platform that automates scheduling, billing, insurance, and practice management.

With the free SmartFLOW add-on to RevolutionEHR, you can order contacts efficiently and improve your patients’ experience with your practice.

Schedule a demo today to discover how RevolutionEHR can give you a new vision for your optometry practice and the freedom to focus on patient care over administrative tasks.

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