Meet Dr. Paepke

Q. What did you do before you joined RevolutionEHR?

Prior to RevolutionEHR, I was in practice with my father in upstate New York. Our practice focused on attracting patients that were looking for the same thing we were striving to provide: a highly personalized environment and experience that fostered trust and, ultimately, loyalty.

Q. Why did you decide to join the RevolutionEHR team?

Our practice started with RevolutionEHR in late 2010 as we prepared to enter the world of Meaningful Use. Shortly after that, I joined RevolutionEHR’s Quest to Attest Facebook Community so I could interact with and learn from other RevolutionEHR customers that were trying to do the same things we were in our practice. I met then RevolutionEHR CEO Dr. Scott Jens through that journey and as we worked together more and more, he invited me to take on an official role within that community. I joined the advisory team to help support customers’ participation in quality reporting programs such as Meaningful Use and PQRS.

Q. What is your role at RevolutionEHR?

I moved into the position of Director of ECP Services. I’m heavily involved with quality reporting program education for RevolutionEHR customers, regulation and compliance, EHR certification and registry work.

Q. What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping doctors navigate the world of regulation and compliance. These types of requirements are widely disliked, yet inescapable on a daily basis. Anything that our ECP Services team can do to reduce that stress positively influences the doctor’s ability to care for their patients and their enjoyment of the work day.