How To Streamline Workflow From Check-In to Check-Out


      The right optometry practice management software can:

      • Improve the overall quality of care for every patient.
      • Reduce wait times and eliminate the need for manual paperwork and data entry.
      • Prevent no-shows and forgotten appointments.
      • Improve patient communication and build trust.
      • Make payments flexible and easy.

      Optometry practice management software is a critical component of quality patient care. It can automate many aspects of your practice, from check-in to check-out. This efficiency is essential to maintaining a profitable practice and offering an exceptional experience to every patient.

      Move the Intake Process Online

      Asking your patients to fill out paperwork online before their appointment will save time and allow you to have all the information you need upfront.

      Importantly, this also allows you to avoid double-entry of data and potential errors that come along with it. Once you have your patients’ information in the system, you can automatically generate encounter forms and other documents you need for each appointment.

      Automated intake software like RevolutionEHR’s RevIntake will enable you to streamline patient registration documents, provide fast and efficient scheduling, and eliminate the need for clipboards and manual paperwork in the office.

      Your patients will love not having to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out forms. Now, they can fill out all of their intake paperwork and submit it conveniently from home, shortening their office wait time and improving patient satisfaction.

      Implement Reminders

      setting up online calendar

      Did you know that one of the leading causes of missed appointments and rescheduling is forgetfulness? With the right practice management system in place, you can automatically send appointment reminders to your patients via text, email, or even phone call.

      This will help to ensure that your patients remember their appointments and show up on time. Automated reminders can also help to reduce the number of no-shows. Studies have shown that automated reminders reduce missed appointments by up to 30% — a significant boost to a practice’s bottom line.

      A solution like RevolutionEHR’s RevConnect can help you improve patient engagement and communication with text and email campaigns. You can send automated recall messages, thank you’s, invitations to events, promotions, etc., to all of your patients or to specific groups. You can even use RevConnect to send optical order updates.

      Patients want to feel connected to a provider who cares — and their provider reviews will reflect that.

      Use Cloud-Based Image Management

      One of the most important aspects of quality patient care is having access to accurate and up-to-date images. With a cloud-based image management system, you can easily store, share, and review images from anywhere.

      This is especially beneficial if you have multiple locations or if you need to consult with another doctor. With cloud-based image management, you can quickly and easily share images with anyone who needs to see them.

      An ancillary product like RevolutionEHR’s RevImaging can help you manage images securely and conveniently in the cloud. You can store an unlimited number of images, review them from anywhere, and share them with anyone — all from RevolutionEHR’s easy-to-use, all-in-one platform.

      RevImaging will also allow you to track patient progress by reviewing multiple images side by side. This can be invaluable when trying to diagnose a problem or track the progression of a condition.

      Quickly pulling up old scans with access to new imaging reduces wait time for patients in the exam room and helps you deliver a more efficient workflow.

      Communicate Efficiently

      communicating on a phone

      In order to provide quality patient care, you need to be able to communicate effectively with staff and other healthcare providers. With a practice management system in place, you can easily send secure messages both internally and externally.

      This is a much more efficient way to communicate than email or phone calls. Plus, it helps to ensure that all of your communications are stored in one central location.

      Software like RevolutionEHR’s RevDirect enables you to securely send and receive messages from other healthcare providers. You can easily share files, images, and attachments — saving time, ensuring HIPAA compliance, and improving patient care.

      Automate Ordering

      If you’re still using paper forms to place orders, you’re wasting time and money. With an automated ordering system, you can quickly and easily place orders from anywhere.

      By inputting orders directly into the computer, you will eliminate the need for double-entry and reduce the risk of data entry errors as well as time spent fixing mistakes. Your patients will receive their orders faster, and you’ll be able to move on to the next patient sooner.

      Connecting directly to your vendors with a solution like RevolutionEHR’s SmartFLOW enables you to streamline your practice’s ordering processes. You can order directly from participating vendors and track order status from within your EHR.

      This is a convenient way to manage orders and ship products directly from the supplier to your patient’s door. Automating the ordering process will save time and money — and provide a better experience for your patients.

      Submit Accurate Insurance Claims

      writing on a document

      The majority of denied claims are preventable; they’re often the result of human error. With an automated claims management system, you can reduce the number of denied claims by up to 50%.

      Using a solution like RevolutionEHR’s RevClear can help you submit accurate insurance claims the first time, every time.

      You’ll also have access to real-time claim status updates so you can quickly resubmit claims that have been denied. This is a convenient way to manage insurance claims. You will reduce errors, get paid faster, and reduce denials.

      Make Payments Easy

      Most patients are more likely to pay their bills when they have a convenient way to do it. Patients actually prefer to pay for things online, which means you get paid faster and your patients are happier.

      An online payment system like RevolutionEHR’s RevPayments lets you offer convenient payment options to your patients with a credit card, ApplePay, AndroidPay, or voice. They will have easy payment options upon checkout, increasing the probability that they will pay their bills at the time of service.

      Enjoy uninterrupted revenue and say goodbye to deposits not balancing by using a tool that allows your staff to process payments with electronic payments or a card stored in the patient’s file. Payments then post automatically to your ledger, saving time for your staff, reducing errors, and improving your revenue flow.

      Find Out How RevolutionEHR Can Streamline Your Practice Workflow

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