New Year, New Practice: Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023


  • New Year’s is the perfect time to take stock of your current optometry practice management software to discover areas of improvement. 
  • Upgrading to a fully integrated optometry EHR platform like RevolutionEHR helps you streamline your practice’s workflow for better efficiency.
  • RevolutionEHR gives you access to automated features and integrated practice management to streamline your practice’s operations.
  • RevolutionEHR lets you build a software package that meets the needs of your practice without paying for features you don’t need.

The new year brings new opportunities for optometry practices to improve workflows and set revenue targets. If your practice has extra revenue at year’s end, consider upgrading your optometry practice management software to simplify workflows and improve the patient experience.

With RevolutionEHR, a fully integrated optometry EHR system, optometrists can improve efficiency, enhance patient care, and grow their practices.

Time To Upgrade Your Optometry Practice Management Software for the New Year

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a great time to look at your current optometry practice management software to see where it isn’t keeping up with the demands of your practice. Identifying problem areas and knowing what to look for in an EHR system will help you find the best software for your optometry practice.

For instance, optometrists may find it challenging to enter ICD-10 codes and patient information during an exam because of a complex and disorganized dashboard. An EHR system that increases documentation time hinders productivity and leads to errors in coding.

A cloud-based software platform has centralized storage, personalized features, and automatic coding. Switching to an integrated system allows you to easily access patient records and pull forward previous test results to quickly address your patients’ needs.

Consider the number of daily manual tasks your optometry clinic performs, including handwritten notes, printing reports, and calling patients. Patients forget 40% to 80% of all medical information they receive at their office visits, and almost half of the information they remember is wrong.

Upgrading to an EHR with communication features for your staff members and patient intake and messaging modules can help you give your patients better care.

Investing in results-driven optometry practice management software automates your workflows to improve efficiency and productivity. An integrated EHR platform will save you time and money and improve patient care for the new year.

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Start the New Year with RevolutionEHR

RevolutionEHR combines an electronic health record and practice management solution in one single optometry practice management software system. Using this platform, you can automate daily processes, enhance efficiency, provide a better patient experience, and maintain inventory.

Key features included in RevolutionEHR software include:

Customizable Exam Encounters

Using RevolutionEHR’s cloud-based software, optometrists can create customized documents from SOAP notes to client communications. Customized SOAP notes streamline the exam encounter process by utilizing the encounter buttons at the top of every patient encounter file. Optometrists can keep notes, pull up patient interview information, and send messages to patients and their primary care providers using a communication template. Providers may also send the appropriate employee a check-out task following each encounter.

Secure Patient Access

Optometrists can easily access a patient’s history to see past treatments and assessments. RevolutionEHR allows you to view results for optometric tests such as visual acuity tests, cataract screenings, and eye health evaluations. It also lets you see how treatments have worked and any issues that have arisen in the past.

Advanced Auto-Coding System

The auto-coding feature in RevolutionEHR displays customized CPT codes based on the time and medical decisions made with the patient during the visit. Autocodes assist in coding accurate claims. And it’s easy to use: Simply select the appropriate option from each category in the assessment and planning section to generate an automatic CPT code using the drop-down menu.

Pre-Configured Letters and Documents

You can use RevolutionEHR’s pre-configured letters and templates to communicate with patients and providers about their explanation of benefits (EOBs) and billing. Merge data from certain patients and encounters into the templates and send them to the intended recipients.

The templates are editable, letting you customize them to your practice’s branding and colors. These templates also ensure you maintain consistent clinical documentation across your organization.

Seamless Billing and Claims Management

RevolutionEHR’s optometry practice management software lets your staff automatically generate patient invoices and file insurance claims. The system features an auto-coding engine that enters the correct code during patient encounters and syncs it to claims and billing tasks for fewer errors and rejected claims.

Inventory Management

An integrated inventory management system in RevolutionEHR lets you verify your inventory and reconcile if you have the physical products at your office. You can scan barcodes, print labels, manage your products, send orders, and track their status every step of the way, helping you provide better service to your patients.

Why RevolutionEHR

RevolutionEHR helps make optometry practice management more efficient for optometrists. Our solution lets you add more powerful features to help you further boost your clinic’s performance and improve your relationships with your patients.

Practice Management Software Designed for Optometrists

Our developers work closely with optometrists to ensure our optometry practice management software meets their needs and those of their staff. RevolutionEHR solely focuses on eye care, with pre-configured templates, SOAP notes, and other documentation for patient encounters. With RevolutionEHR, you can customize encounters, schedules, and care plans to achieve maximum efficiency.

Customize Your Software Package

Compared to other EHRs that make you pay for services you don’t need, RevolutionEHR allows you to choose additional features for a customized package for your practice.

These features include:

  • SmartFlow. Smartflow lets you connect directly with your vision product suppliers and automates the order and delivery process.
  • RevAspire. Gain access to our reporting experts with RevAspire, who can help you optimize your score and prepare your data for submission to CMS.
  • RevDirect. RevDirect allows users to share patient information with other providers in a secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging environment.
  • RevClear. Staff members can prepare claims to send to the patients’ insurance companies through an integrated clearinghouse using RevClear and shave 8.5 minutes off the processing of each claim.
  • RevConnect. RevConnect automates patient engagement with customized birthday messages, appointment reminders, and marketing campaigns.
  • RevImaging. With RevImaging, optometrists can view up to 8 images simultaneously for patient demonstration and retinal analysis.
  • RevIntake. RevIntake integrates patient registration, scheduling, and surveys to help deliver a positive customer experience for every encounter.
  • RevPayments. RevPayments empowers patients to pay for their co-pays, deductibles, and optical purchases using credit cards, voice, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, increasing the likelihood that they will pay their balance in full before leaving the office.

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Ring in the New Year with RevolutionEHR, the Best Optometry Practice Management Software

RevolutionEHR enables automatic coding and diagnoses for every patient encounter. It makes managing your optometry practice easier with access to patient records, billing, insurance claims, and inventory management all in one place.

Schedule a demo today and learn how RevolutionEHR can meet your goals for the new year, giving your practice the freedom to focus on patient care. For a limited time, get the best deal of the year with our special year-end discount!

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