5 Reasons Cloud-Based Software is
a Perfect Fit for My Busy Life

Gina Wesley, OD, MS, FAAO

Complete Eye Care of Medina, Crystal, MN

I am a busy mom, practice owner and doctor. One who also works part-time and is constantly evaluating systems that make my life easier. If something can enhance my staff’s abilities and/or make a patient experience better, it’s all the more valuable. When it came to choosing my EHR system, I knew that a cloud-based system was really the only way I could go.

Here’s why:

1. Access anywhere, any time. The need to access my patient files any time, from literally anywhere, is priceless. When I was the solo doctor at my fledgling practice, taking a vacation would have been nearly impossible had I not had access to my patient records, schedule and messages from my staff. All I needed was WiFi or a hot spot, and I was all set.

2. Associated app-based capabilities. When I’m on the run and the staff needs me to contact a patient, I utilize the app associated with my EHR to access patient info and have the ability to call them immediately, no matter where I’m at or whether I have WiFi. This is all possible because the software is in the cloud.

3. Preparation for patient appointments. I check and prep for patient appointments from home. I’m literally using my laptop outside of my office more often than my desktop computers at my office to manage patient records, and would not be able to have the attention to detail I desire if my EHR software was not cloud-based.

4. Multiple staff can be “touching” a patient’s records at any one time. If a patient’s demographic data needs to be updated, and the doctor is doing the exam, and yet another staff member is making notes about contact lenses for that patient, each person can be within the patient’s record at the same time and all info will be updated once the EHR is refreshed. This is the ultimate in efficiency.

5. No servers, no hassle. The only server in my office is the one I use to back up my “normal” files. I don’t have to depend upon a server to store all my sensitive patient data, nor do I have to worry about a virus or malware breach contaminating all my patient files. Additionally, updates are a breeze because they happen in the cloud. No software to download, no crossing of the fingers that nothing will be “lost.” No hassle.

I cannot imagine working with an EHR system that isn’t cloud-based, and it adds up to more than the highlighted points I’ve just made. Cloud-based software is not just a convenience. For me, it’s a necessity.

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