9 Ways to Boost Revenue with Patient Communication Software

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  • Using digital patient communication software can deepen your connection with patients and bring more revenue to your optometry practice. 
  • RevolutionEHR’s patient communication tool, RevEngage, offers customizable and automated features that make patient communication simple and effective. 
  • With RevEngage, you can send automated appointments and recall reminders for lower no-show rates and continual cash flow. 
  • Messaging campaigns, two-way texts, and automated feedback capabilities help you engage with patients, fostering loyalty and new referrals.

Staying connected with your patients has never been more important. 81% of U.S. adults are eager for greater access to their health information, and research shows that as many as 98% appreciate text messaging with their providers to strengthen that connection.

Regular interactions with your clients through digital patient communication software can make them feel more valued and connected to your clinic. This results in improved retention and referral rates and boosts optometry practice revenue.

Learn how to increase optometry revenue with patient engagement with RevEngage, RevolutionEHR’s new patient communication tool. It includes appointment reminders, personalized messages, and targeted emails for stronger connections and practice profitability.

1. Automated Patient Reminders

RevEngage streamlines scheduling and daily workflows with automated appointment scheduling reminders. With this feature you can remind patients about their upcoming appointments to reduce missed visits. You can also send recall reminders, gently nudging patients to book follow-up appointments, routine check-ups, or further treatment for continuous cash flow.

For unavoidable last-minute cancellations, RevEngage+ steps in with digital waitlist messaging. This tool allows you to quickly fill empty slots, maintain a full schedule, and ensure your practice remains productive and profitable.

2. Streamlined Two-Way Texting for Enhanced Patient Engagement

RevEngage offers two-way texting for optometrists, keeping your practice accessible to your patients. Whether they have questions about an upcoming appointment or their treatment plan, two-way texting provides a HIPAA-compliant communication solution.

With RevEngage, you can improve the patient experience by sending messages introducing services or providers, providing updates on hour or location changes, and sharing text images to help with eyewear choices. These personalized touches make patients feel valued and cared for, offering a convenient way to interact with your team for their eye care needs.

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3. Online Review Management for Improved Online Reputation

RevEngage simplifies online review management by automatically sending patient feedback prompts after their appointments. This feature encourages patients to share their experiences, whether testimonials, ratings, or suggestions for improvement, as part of an effective optometry marketing strategy.

Post this valuable feedback to showcase positive reviews across your online platforms to elevate your practice’s visibility and attract new patients. Use constructive criticism from feedback to make data-driven changes for better customer service to keep your practice responsive and adaptive.

4. Effective Marketing Campaigns with Smart Messaging

Craft personalized email campaigns to help with patient recall and retention. You can leverage detailed patient data to craft messages that promote services tailored to each patient’s needs and history.

For instance, if a patient is due for an annual eye exam or has shown interest in new eyewear styles, your campaign can highlight these services and encourage booking a visit. This helps drive practice growth and increase revenue by ensuring patients return at the right times for the right services.

You can also send birthday emails to further patient retention and engagement, adding a personal touch that recipients will appreciate. These targeted messages help build loyalty and connection, making patients more likely to choose your practice for their eye care needs and refer you to family and friends.

5. Comprehensive Analytics for Optimizing Communication Strategies

With RevEngage, you have powerful analytics tools that allow you to track patient satisfaction metrics and gauge the performance of your services. These insights allow you to see how patients are responding to different aspects of your practice, such as wait times, staff interactions, or the quality of care provided.

For example, if feedback indicates recurring concerns about optometry practice management issues like billing errors, you can address these directly to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Advanced Messaging Features for Personalized Communication

RevEngage offers advanced messaging features that enable efficient and personalized patient communication. Send bulk messages for specific appointments, such as reminders for annual check-ups or follow-up care, ensuring that each message is relevant to the recipient’s needs.

The message scheduling feature lets you plan communications for optimal times, such as appointment confirmations or pre-visit instructions. This strategic timing gives patients helpful information exactly when needed, moving them through the intake and appointment process smoothly.

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7. Traffic Alerts for Timely Patient Arrivals

With RevEngage+, you can keep your patients ahead of traffic with real-time updates sent directly to their phones. If there’s a jam or a road closure, they’ll get a heads-up and suggestions for the best alternate routes.

This helps everyone stay on schedule, ensuring your patients arrive relaxed and ready for their appointments. It also keeps your day running smoothly without unexpected delays.

8. Automated Voice Reminders

While 97% of U.S. adults own a cellphone, some prefer not to receive texts. RevEngage offers automated voice reminders as an alternative for patients who prefer voice communication.

By providing a voice call to confirm appointments or remind patients of upcoming visits, you ensure a wider reach and improve attendance rates. This helps keep your schedule intact and reduces no-shows, making your practice more efficient while accommodating your patients’ preferences.

9. Provider and Encounter-Based Messaging

One benefit of patient communication software for optometrists is the ability to help patients feel more at ease and prepared for their appointments. RevEngage lets you send customized messages that match the provider or type of visit, giving patients a more personalized experience.

Customized messaging helps patients know what to expect during their appointments, making their visits more comfortable and effective. For example, you might include a short message about what testing might be performed during a routine exam, or a brief bio introducing a provider’s expertise for patients seeing a specialist at your practice.

Boost Revenue and Patient Engagement with RevEngage

Communicating with patients directly and personally can help keep them on your appointment books year after year. RevEngage, the best patient communication software for optometry practices, lets you send customized messages, automate campaigns, and track your efforts’ performance for heightened satisfaction with our practice and increased revenue.

As part of the RevolutionEHR toolkit, RevEngage works seamlessly with the optometry practice management system’s other features, like integrated automated billing and insurance, online scheduling, and inventory management.

For a platform that truly does it all, get RevolutionEHR and RevEngage today. Schedule your free demo and see how RevolutionEHR allows you to focus on patient relationships to provide top-level care.

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