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May 10, 2022Back Office, Blog, Practice Management

3 Ways to Save Time and Get Paid Faster with RevPayments

3 Ways to Save Time and Get Paid Faster with RevPaymentsHighlights RevPayments is an optometry payment tool that helps your practice process payments more efficiently. This cloud-based software offers multiple payment options and simplif...

writing in a notebook
May 3, 2022Back Office, Blog, Practice Management

How To Write an Optometry Business Plan

How to Write an Optometry Business PlanHighlights. A well-written optometry business plan serves as an operational roadmap for your optometry practice. Your optometry business plan should include your vision for the practice, an executiv...

group listening to a speaker
April 26, 2022Back Office, Blog

Optometrist Continuing Education 2022

Optometrist Continuing Education 2022Highlights. It’s important to stay informed about optometrist continuing education for 2022 to be sure you understand state requirements and changes since COVID-19. All states require an optometrist...

speaking with a patient
April 19, 2022Back Office, Blog

How to Become an Optometric Assistant

How to Become an Optometric Assistant Highlights. If you want to learn how to become an optometric assistant, familiarize yourself with the skills, training, and certification necessary to perform the job. An optometric assistant keeps o...

April 14, 2022Blog, Practice Management

Should Your Optometry Practice Offer Virtual Eye Exams?

Should Your Optometry Practice Offer Virtual Eye Exams?Highlights Virtual eye exam services are growing in popularity among optometry practices and patients post COVID-19. The AOA’s optometry telehealth guidelines encourage virtual eye...

smiling woman at her desk
April 12, 2022Blog, Practice Management

Use Your Optometry EHR to Boost Front-Office Efficiency

Use Your Optometry EHR to Boost Front-Office EfficiencyHighlights Using an outdated optometry EHR hinders front-office efficiency and results in stifled practice growth. Cloud-based EHR for optometry streamlines front-office operations a...

checking in
April 6, 2022Blog, Practice Management

5 Reasons Your Optometry Practice Needs RevIntake

5 Reasons Your Optometry Practice Needs RevIntake Highlights Optometry practices typically involve a lot of front-office administrative work. RevIntake can automate patient registration, move a practice to online patient scheduling, and ...

choosing glasses
March 15, 2022Blog, Practice Management

6 Advantages of Cloud-Based EHR Systems for Optometrists

6 Advantages of Cloud-Based EHR Systems for OptometristsHighlights Optometrists need user-friendly, cost-effective, scalable solutions for electronic health records and data sharing. The leaner, more turnkey solutions provided by top clo...

February 22, 2022Blog, Practice Management

8 Ways To Use Your Optometry EMR To Find Time in Each Day

8 Ways To Use Your Optometry EHR To Find Time in Each DayThe right optometry EMR or EHR allows you to run an efficient and successful practice and deliver an exceptional patient experience.  When used to eliminate redundant data entry, ...

smiling woman
February 15, 2022Blog, Leadership

Become a Healthcare Thought Leader and Boost Your Brand

Become a Healthcare Thought Leader and Boost Your BrandHighlights Becoming a healthcare thought leader and raising brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and persistence to see results. Posting quality content frequently...

doctor appointment
February 1, 2022Blog, Practice Management

Patients Want Online Access to These 5 Services

Patients Want Access to These 5 Services Highlights Patients want online access to five healthcare services, according to the PatientPop 2021 Patient Perspective Survey. Your practice can improve quality of care and increase engagement b...

January 25, 2022Blog, Practice Management

HIPAA Guidelines for Communicating With Patients

HIPAA Guidelines for Communicating with Patients Highlights HIPAA guidelines apply when texting and emailing patients. HIPAA violations lead to severe legal repercussions, including costly financial penalties. Compliance safeguards your ...

creating a blog
January 18, 2022Blog, Front Office, Patient Communication

Optometry Marketing: Why Your Practice Needs an Active Blog

Optometry Practice Tips: COVID and Patient Eye Care Highlights Optometry marketing strategies should include an active blog for best visibility. Well-written blog posts will drive more traffic to your site and boost your marketing effort...

child wearing glasses
January 11, 2022Blog, Front Office, Patient Communication

Increase Patient Engagement and Retention with RevConnect

Increase Patient Engagement and Retention with RevConnect Highlights RevConnect allows you to send automated email and text messages, such as appointment reminders and order status updates to your patients. With RevConnect, you can choos...

closeup of eye
December 28, 2021Blog, Practice Management

Optometry Practice Tips: COVID and Patient Eye Care

Optometry Practice Tips: COVID and Patient Eye Care Highlights Research shows a link between the COVID-19 virus and eye health issues, such as eye dryness, double vision, and pain. It is essential to educate your patients on how COVID-19...

December 22, 2021Blog, Practice Management

Why Switch to a Cloud-Based Optometry EHR?

Why Switch to a Cloud-Based Optometry EHR? Highlights A cloud-based optometry EHR system improves data access, workflow, and security and lets you spend more time with your patients. Cloud-based software is more cost-effective than onsit...

July 1, 2021Billing and Coding, Blog

2021 ICD-10 Changes Are Coming

2021 ICD-10 Changes Are ComingICD-10 Changes Are Coming October 1stMuch has been made about how the specificity of ICD-10 has led to some wonderfully odd codes.  October 2020, for example, introduced us to these treasures: V00.031A – Pe...

July 17, 2020Blog, Leadership, Patient Care, Practice Management

The Sentiment of Optometrists Right Now

As part of our commitment to the continued success of our customers, we believe that it is vital to get a pulse on the effects that the pandemic has brought to the optometric profession. As such, we conducted a survey last month on the r...

July 14, 2020Billing and Coding

2020 ICD-10 Changes Are Coming

Happy ICD-10 Day! OK…that’s not an official holiday. But it’s important to remember that the ICD-10 code set is updated each year and with those updates come changes that eye care providers and their teams need to know about. Thus,...

May 26, 2020Back Office, Front Office, Patient Care, Practice Management

Is Your Practice Ready to See Me?

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have three healthcare appointments to reschedule when practices in my home state reopen. And I’d like to share a secret with you: I’m not looking forward to it. It’s natural to think patrons of a ...

May 15, 2020Back Office, Front Office, Leadership, Practice Management

Heightened Scrutiny Against Phishing Attempts During COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic has presented an opportunity for cybercriminals to deploy phishing attacks, preying on the public’s fears and increased frequency of communicating on digital channels. It is important to treat each email, text or c...

May 12, 2020Leadership, Patient Care

Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy, for You and Your Patients

Canton, GA If you've never heard of the “Freshman 15”, it refers to gaining weight (15 lbs.) during one’s freshman year of college due to bad habits of eating, drinking, sleeping, partying, and well...almost everything. These last ...

April 27, 2020Back Office, Front Office, Leadership, Practice Management

New Round of SBA Bank Funding Available!

Updated: 04/27/2020 Rebooted with an additional $310 billion in funding, the SBA resumed accepting Paycheck Protection Program applications from participating lenders as of Monday, April 27, 2020 at 10:30am EDT. For more on this news and...

November 27, 2019Back Office, Front Office, Leadership, Patient Care, Practice Management

Top 5 Fears of Switching Optometry EHR Software

VP of Business Development, RevolutionEHR If you’re like 70% of optometry practices, you have software in your office that encompasses everything an eye care business needs, from scheduling and billing, to optical and exams. Likewise, ...

October 28, 2019Patient Care, Practice Management

3 Common Misconceptions About Patient Engagement

Director of ECP Services, RevolutionEHR Creating bonds between your practice and your patients has never been more important than it is today. Local competition has always been a consideration, but today’s eye care consumer is subjecte...

December 24, 2018Practice Management

3 Keys to a Successful Optometry EHR Switch

Wichita Optometry, PA, Wichita, KS At some point in our lives, we all have to make a decision to end something – whether it’s good or bad. In his book, Necessary Endings: The Employees, Businesses, and Relationships That All of Us Ha...

October 12, 2018Eyewear, Patient Care, Practice Management

4 Ways to Increase Your Profits Through Multiple Pair Sales

twelve84 Success Consultant Every person with an optical prescription should have more than one pair of eyewear, whether it's a pair of sunglasses, readers, or a backup pair of glasses. It's easy for eye care providers to identify the ne...

May 23, 2018Practice Management

Maximizing Efficiencies with Multiple Locations

Wichita Optometry, PA, Wichita, KS The mindset of many colleagues who are optometrists first and then business owners, is that adding locations only adds problems and doubles expenses. Conversely, I’ve found that a second location allo...

May 16, 2018Practice Management

Don’t Ignore the Needs of a Growing Practice

Wichita Optometry, PA, Wichita, KS One thing I’ve learned as a parent is that you can’t ignore the needs of a growing child. From purchasing bigger shoes and clothing to fit their growing bodies to stocking the fridge and pantry with...

April 18, 2018Practice Management

Technology Time Savers

Midwest Vision Care of Columbia, LLC These days the to-do list is never ending. To spend any quality time doing enjoyable things, it is important to be as efficient as possible. Using technology in your practice is one way to shave off t...

March 18, 2018Billing and Coding

Storytelling in the Medical Record

InSight Eye Care, Oshkosh, WI A medical record is intended to be an accurate and complete legal document describing a single patient’s medical history, exam findings, and treatment plan by a provider. We, as the providers, need to unde...

February 2, 2018Practice Management

5 Best Practices for Scheduling Patients

Midwest Vision Care of Columbia, LLC As business owners it is easy to spend the day running around being the telephone repairman, janitor, HR department and accountant. With so many hats, small things can slip through the cracks. However...

January 10, 2018Billing and Coding

Back to Basics

InSight Eye Care, Oshkosh, WI Every so often, a wave of letters from insurance companies will show up in doctors’ mail boxes across the country. The intent of these letters is to show doctors their distribution of comprehensive (920x4)...

December 21, 2017New Practice

Top 10 FAQs for Opening a New Optometry Practice

RevolutionEHR Director of Professional Relations Along with the excitement of going into business for yourself, there’s often a bit of apprehension. Sound guidance and tips from someone who's already successfully traveled the journey o...

December 11, 2017Billing and Coding

Strategic Coding

InSight Eye Care, Oshkosh, WI With a new year, we typically find ourselves making commitments to “do better” in life, exercise more, spend more time with our family, etc. Could we maybe add proper coding of our medical records to the...

October 24, 2017New Practice

Starting from the Ground Up

A Guide to Opening a New Optometry Practice Opening a practice cold or buying a practice is a very challenging, yet rewarding adventure. There are many ways to go about this business opportunity, however you must have two key elements to...

August 29, 2017Practice Management

Top 5 Scheduling Tips for a Busy Optometry Practice

Complete Eye Care of Medina, Crystal, MN In practices today, efficiencies must constantly be analyzed for greatest profitability. One of the biggest inefficiencies is the come-and-go of patients. Schedule them too closely and you run the...

June 12, 2017Practice Management

3 Steps to Becoming a Practice Leader

The topic of “leadership” has intrigued me for many years, particularly as it relates to eye care practices. Leadership is often thought about in terms of official titles or positions, but I have found that true leadership is a much ...

June 8, 2017Practice Management

Don’t Get Bullied

When mail comes from an insurance company, I expect it will be a check and checks make me happy. But when it is something else, it always seems to be something that makes me unhappy. I have found that “news” from a third party payer ...

May 25, 2017Practice Management

Are You Old School?

Vision Source of GVR, Denver, CO “Paper charts? That’s so old school!” is what I often hear when I discuss the benefits of using electronic health records (EHR) with students at private practice club meetings across the country. It...


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