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E-prescribing and RevolutionEHR

E-prescribing has become common place today in efficient health care delivery. The benefits for both patients and providers are significant ...  read more >>

Strategies for Transitioning Paper Records to RevolutionEHR

“What do we do with all of our existing patient records”? This is a question we field from virtually every ...  read more >>

Minimizing the Impact of an Internet Outage

“What do we do if the internet goes down?” This is a common question with a fairly simple answer: plan ...  read more >>

Your Patient Data and RevolutionEHR

So, All of My Data is Stored on Your Servers…?  Your patient data is the life blood of your practice. ...  read more >>

"vast difference between you and my previous vendor..."
- Allan Dean, OD, Tallahassee, FL
"The process of attesting was very easy and very straight forward..."
- Ralph Hendrix, OD, Red Springs, NC
"thoroughly impressed with the service..."
- Dirk Massie, OD, Swansea, IL
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