RevImaging is a cloud-based image management solution, enabled within RevolutionEHR, that simplifies the storing, viewing and comparing of multiple images for more precise disease progression monitoring, decision making and overall patient care.


Unique to RevImaging is the efficiency that comes from cloud-based image management. Simultaneous viewing from a wide array of devices provides a seamless experience for reviewing patient images, regardless of their origin.

RevImaging includes all of the cloud-based advantages that you enjoy with RevolutionEHR:

  • Fast and easy access to images from anywhere while remaining HIPAA compliant
  • Images at your fingertips anytime, no need to stay late at the office
  • No need for networking of devices
  • No need for additional hardware or servers
  • Always have access to all of your images, even when you upgrade equipment

RevImaging offers a variety of rich image management features enabled directly within RevolutionEHR:

    • View up to 8 images simultaneously for seamless, efficient image analysis and patient education
    • RGB filters for multilayer retina photo analysis
    • Apply actions across multiple images for a more efficient review
    • Store and review DICOM images

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